Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Roomboxes, hangers and fireplaces!

Today was really busy.  The granddaughters were over and a lot was completed on their roomboxes.  They both have very distinctive styles and it's fun to see them design.  Today they put the floor tile on their floors and learned how to use spray adhesive to apply the wallpaper.  Here are some pix.  The blues are Sydney's and the browns and flowers are Kate's. 

It will be fun to see these rooms develop.

On the doll front, Bill made some hangers for my doll's clothes and I'm beginning to fill up the closet Bill made for the doll clothes.  Cool, huh?   Here are the pictures.

And then there is the fireplace I completed for Rowena's living room.  It was a plain old wood fireplace that I stained and varnished.  And then I put on the "aged bricks," which are pieces of cardboard from an egg carton.  Then tinted with chalk and embedded in tinted glue for the grouting.  I think it turned out great.  It took awhile to finish it.  Here's a picture.

And that's all I did today in the line of crafts. 

Bye for now.

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