Sunday, December 30, 2012

Garden Shop with patio

Still brrr weather here.  .However, I can breathe better so I am happy about that, at least. 

The meds hubby received at the ED are working fine.  Facial swelling is gone.

Today I started working on the sleigh.  I found white enamel so it will be white.  I did not realize until I began painting that it is oil-based.  So it takes a long time to dry and needs to be cleaned by turpentine.  I was a little bummed about it but it does have a beautiful shine.  I did half today.  I will paint the second half tomorrow.  Then it needs to be sanded lightly before the second coat is applied.

Then I turned my attention to the garden shop.  I laid the decking down and painted it white.  It looks so nice.  I decided it needed steps so I made them and attached them on the right side.  I think it all turned out great.  I wanted it to look like it was a working shop, not a new one so I left the decking as it is.

There are a few more things the deck needs.  Planters, pots and of course, a table and chairs and maybe a bench or two.  I thought it could use a few trees, too.  It is, after all, a garden shop.  There will be tea served there on occasion.

So tomorrow I will be busy.  I have to look for things to make planters.  Hmmm....I have a little batch of leftover wood pieces.

Until then....


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cutting out the pieces

We didn't get snow!  Hurray!  Our Aussie friends, however, are getting temperatures of over 100 degrees F.  And yet it's so cold here.  Weather is amazing, isn't it?

Going out New Year's Eve.  Nothing to wear.  Really, Pat?  Yep.  Nothing.  Going to be a cold night and the club might now be warm enough.  What to wear?  Since it's two days away, I better act fast.  LOL

Had a bit of a scare this morning.  Last night, hubby had a bad reaction to peanut butter and his eye blew up.  He took Benadryl and it helped.  It didn't get any better overnight, though.  More itching.  More Benadryl.  More eye swelling.  But this time, it was accompanied by a slight restriction in breathing.  So this morning we went off to the hospital.  Why not last night?  He didn't wake me up.  Anyway, he's on a prednisone med for the next six days.  When I looked it up, there are many adults who suddenly get allergies with no warning.  And hubby loves peanut butter. 

So today started a bit late.  Chores, which were started late, came first before playing.  Life keeps getting in my way!

I made the patterns and then cut out the pieces.  On the bakery cabinet, I tried to make it in four pieces, mitering the corners.  I personally didn't like the cutting (which was me).  Sometimes cutting long thin pieces isn't the neatest way to do something.  So tomorrow I plan to cut out the entire piece and cut out the cardboard center, leaving the edges all intact.  That might work better.

Here is the completed piece, mitered and glued and set in the gluing jig.  I was trying to use only a few magnets but the cardboard kept popping up so I used a bunch.  I'll see how it comes out in the morning.  I'll let you see the other one I do tomorrow night.

Then I cut out the sides for the sleigh.  I wanted the entire sleigh to be white with white plush interior.  I cut out and glued the pieces for the seat.  I measured to make sure Rowena would fit.  (She's still in Paris so she couldn't do it personally.)   Now I might make it black with white interior or even red.  That's so common and everyone has it.  And the horse is a black Arabian stallion so I thought white might be the best choice.  I'm betwixt and between (words used by my mother).

So, it's time to hit the hay.  Tomorrow is another mini project day.

Until then....


Friday, December 28, 2012


Hi.  Cold and windy here in NJ.  Tomorrow it is supposed to snow all day but no accumulation.  I can breathe better when it's cold so I'm not complaining.  The weather is so strange lately, isn't it?

Hubby and I went out today and had tons of errands to run.  One of our errands was an excursion to a new place we just heard about.  This store sells individual packs of coffee for the Keurig coffee machine.  It is fabulous.  He buys the packages, opens them up, places them on shelves and you come in and shop.  There is every flavor of coffee, tea and hot chocolate.  It's reasonable and much cheaper than an individual box.  But more important, you can buy different types to try rather than buying an 18 pack and finding out you don't like it.  So I went crazy.  I tried a new coffee this afternoon.  Yum.

Then down to business.

When I had the girls over the other day, I noticed that they were drawn to making items from kits.  A lot of people work from kits rather than make things from scratch.  So I had a great idea:  create a series of patterns for the items that will be going in their roomboxes. 

I began with something I am working on.  The sleigh, which needs some height.  I freehanded it and cut it out.  Tomorrow I will cut the cardboard for it.  I also cut out the seat section.  I think I know how I'll finish it.  It's a fun project.

Then I started on the cabinets for the roomboxes.  The first one is the pastry cabinet.  I measured carefully and will cut the pattern out tomorrow.  I hope to use plastic in the areas that need it.  Sydney doesn't want sliding doors in the back so I'll just make holes for her hands.  I do think she will be using tweezers, though.  But like she said, she won't be changing cakes and such daily!

Then I have a few little cabinets I plan to make patterns for and cut them out of cardboard for both roomboxes.  This should keep me busy for the day.  I hope to cut them all out, too.

One thing that hinders me is the bandaged finger.  I'm having such difficulty typing.  I do think there should be a special finger protection when one is using an X-acto knife.  This poor finger has had this happen twice now.  Perhaps iron gloves might work....

It's late.  Time to crash.  Will concentrate on these projects tomorrow and show you tomorrow night.

Until then...


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nothing done today

Cold and windy today.  The ocean tide breached its boundaries again and went into the bay.  There were also houses with water again.  One wonders if our seashore will ever be the same. 

Today was a weird day.  The electric was on and off and on and off.  I was able to work on the computer because of its battery but there was no Internet. 

Then I went to lunch with three friends.  It was great to sit and chat.  There's this little place in Point Pleasant Beach called The Beanery.  Yummy food.  Great atmosphere.  They have a coffee and tea bar in the back of their restaurant. 

I was certainly hoping to do more this week but it isn't going to happen.  Out again tomorrow, too. 

So I thought I would give you some eye candy.  Have you ever seen the Thorne Rooms?  This house is located in the Chicago Art Museum. It's magnificent.

Here is a video on it.  Hope this link works.  If not, just google The Thorne Rooms, Chicago.  It will bring you to several sites.  This is one of them.

Enjoy and let me know how you like it.

Until then...


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lots done today

What a rain and windstorm we are having.  And the people that suffered through Sandy? They have water damage again and some are on evacuation notice.  We lost power twice but since we are up, I'll zap this out now.

Kate's Boutique
Sydney's Bakery
The girls were here today.  They put the bottom floors of their roomboxes together and decided how they wanted things to fit.  In order to make the proper furniture, I gave them some of my things so they could measure the items in the rooms.

Boutique counter
Kate wanted a counter that was shaped oddly.  So I made one for her.  I think it turned out great.  I was excited when I realized I could do the two tiers. 

Bakery display
Sydney wanted the counter that I have so I created one for her.  She wanted it longer so I did that.  I am so pleased with the results.  I have to do the shelves for her yet and make some nice trim for it.  I was happy that it turned out well and it's something I think I'll do again. 

Of course, when I was cutting the mat board, the knife slipped and I cut the edge of my index finger on my left hand.  Hurts a bit tonight.  Didn't need stitches but I think it will heal okay.  Of course, it might take awhile.

Because it takes so much time to make furniture for their stores, I am going to make furniture and cut out pieces, letting the girls glue them together. 

I used the gluing jig for Kate's bathroom walls and the furniture.  It worked out great and paid for itself already. 

Hope to do more tomorrow. 

Until then....


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Night

Hope everyone had a great holiday.  Ours was quiet in the morning but then we went to hubby's son's house and then his daughter's house.  Took a great picture of the 4 grandchildren.  I get the girls tomorrow and I'm excited about that.  Hope to do some work on their roomboxes.

We are supposed to get windy rains tomorrow.  Hope it's not in our area.  A few friends who experienced Sandy said they feel that Sandy is sending her relatives to this area to wreak havoc once again.  Enough already.

I'm exhausted but I watched this wonderful slide show of the fairy castle.  It's worth viewing.  Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and enjoy!  The attention to detail is amazing and there are descriptions of each room. 

http://www.msichica fairycastle/history-of-the-fairy-castle/

I hope to have things to show you tomorrow night. 

Until then....


Monday, December 24, 2012

Ornaments finished

Rainy slush.  Hint of snow.  Cold.  Still lots of people out on the road.  My presents are wrapped and ready to go.

Today I was busy, other than wrapping presents.  I made a few pecan tarts for friends.  Of course, we had to test one of them.  Can't send them out unless we check them out.  They were delish.  Making more tomorrow morning because our son-in-law loves them. 

Then I changed my hair color.  It's a nice shade of brown.  Sort of a Christmas change.

Finally started on the tree.  Found my E-6000 glue.  Right where I put it last.  LOL  This stuff smells bad but it sure does the trick.  I squeeze some out and apply it with a toothpick.  Can't stand the smell of leaving it open. 

I also tried a few things that were different.  I have these bottles of micro-micro beads used in decorating fingernails.  So I took thread, put white glue on it and dipped it in the beads.  Liked the finished effect.  I did stick some in the tree.

Then I realized that they looked like plants.  Whoa!  That will be another project.  The white glue stiffens the thread and they are able to be upright.  Who knew? 

Tomorrow or the next day I plan to color all of the ornaments gold.  I don't particularly like all the white and the pink but I used what I had. And some of the blue ones aren't showing up in the photo. Then I have to put on the ribbon.  When this is all finished, I have to find a specific box in which to store it, too.  Can't have my hard work messed up!

Enjoy your holidays!  Merry Christmas in any language -- I've received several good wishes from friends across the ocean.  Talk to you tomorrow.

Until then....


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Still on the tree project

Cold today.  I thought it was nice.  Everyone else thought it was cold.  Church friends had their house severely damaged by Superstorm Sandy.  During last week's windstorm with rain, the wind blew the water back up into their yard.  It moved their huge shed to the other side of the house, came up into their car in which there was a few inches of water actually in the car.  And their ductwork was floating.  This will definitely be a setback.  They have never had problems in all of the years of living in this house.  Now two disasters in two months.  Keep them in your thoughts.

I did spend some time on the tree, adding more ornaments.  I wanted to try and attach the beads with the E-6000 glue but couldn't find it.  So I had to use white glue.  Once it attaches, it is attached.  But it takes a long time.  I think I am going to lay the tree down to finish the sides.

There is a young boy who goes to church with me who has his own Christmas/winter village.  You know the ones that look like Lemax.  He was so excited that his village is coming along.  And of course, he's already bitten by the miniature bug.  His mom will probably need to add to the table the village is on.  So if he's reading this -- greetings, my young friend.

I'm not sure that I told you about the site but if you've never checked it out, please do so.  There are videos and so many tutorials, I cannot even mention them all.  But I warn you, it can be addicting!

Tonight there are no special pictures.  I am planning to spend tomorrow working on the minis, though.  Sometimes life just gets in the way of miniatures.  And today?  It was a nap.  LOL

Until then...


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cold and windy.  Sure does make it difficult for people to work on their houses that have been damaged by Superstorm Sandy.  Today was a day only for inside work.  Bitter cold outside.  People and businesses in the area have been busy collecting new toys for those children who have been displaced by the storm. 

Went to a Christmas party tonight and had a nice time.  Lots of good food.  I made a red velvet cake with marshmallow cream icing.  Turned out yummy.

But today I decided to begin decorating the Christmas tree for Rowena's house.  I can take my time with it because Rowena decided to go to France for the holidays since her house wasn't going to be done.  That's okay because it gives me more time. 

I found some nice beads to use as ornaments.  I tried to hang them by using thread and then tiny thin wires, but they still didn't look right.  I then decided to glue them on the branches.  That worked but it is a time-consuming process.  So it will take me awhile to finish it.  And I might put some poly on the beads after they are on the tree for the shine.

I am going to look for lights for it.  I didn't get them before because I wasn't sure how big the tree would end up being.  And I have several places where I can get them for 20% off.  Nice. 

I am still looking for a topper.  The tree also is a little heavy on one side.  I tried trimming it but don't want to lose the branches.  So I might just fudge it when I do the tree stand.    

After church tomorrow, we plan to be home all day so I'll be working on the tree again.  I also plan on finishing the deck on the flower shop. 

And after that, I don't have a clue what I'll be doing.  But whatever it is, I'll take photos and share them tomorrow night.

Until then....


Friday, December 21, 2012

Non-mini day but eye candy for you

Warm this morning; cold and windy tonight.  Who can figure?  Possible flurries tonight.  But I don't have to get up tomorrow.  I am so looking forward to doing some miniature work again.

I just bought a special thing from eBay.  It's 3 pieces of paintable/stainable furniture.  I got everything for $8, including postage.  It will be for the new house because it's 1:12 scale.

I have plans to work on several things over the next few days.  I'm excited about having the time to do it.  I am off until January 3.  I will be working several weeks after the holidays.  It's still tough getting home after 4 but money is money.  Agree? 

Tomorrow is my hubby's Christmas party at his employer's house.  So I will be blogging early in the day.

You have to see the work of this lady, though, regarding Hobbits.  Even if you are not into Hobbits and Lord of the Rings, this project is just remarkable.

Let me know if you liked it.

Until then....


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Another piece of furniture

Cold and damp here.  Tomorrow rain.  Maybe a touch of a snow shower.  And I'm still sick.  We need about two weeks of cold, cold weather to kill to germs everyone is passing around.  Just saw an ad for Hawaii.  Maybe there?  No, I'd be better off in Alaska!  Colder.

Today was a fun day.  Four of the children won citizenship awards, two for responsibility and two for something like kindness. Anyway, these four little ones really deserve the awards.  They are all so nice and helpful and kind. 

One more day and the holiday week begins.  Hurrah!  I am so, so ready.

After a dinner of pizza and Coke, I decided to work on one of the little pieces of furniture. 

I had no trouble with the furniture until I came to working with the little knobs.  I can't even measure them, they were so small.  They are about the size of the smallest seed bead.  So I put a dab of glue on the "drawer" section and a little touch of glue on the top of the knob.  I then carefully took a toothpick, picked it up on the one glue side and laid it down on the glue.  The little bit of glue on the top won't hurt the knobs. in fact, they look almost goldish.  I like that.  There is a bit of decoration on the top "drawer" so I am going to put some cream color in it to bring out the design.  Then it gets a coat of poly.

I cracked up when I saw the components of this chest.  A solid piece of wood and 4 tiny slats.  The top piece is flat on the back and the front is rounded.  I may buy some more pieces of wood and do a bunch of drawers!  They don't need to open.

So that was my evening. 

Tomorrow night I hope to begin making decorations for the tree.

Until then...


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A new toy for me

Cold and blustery today.  I had outside recess.  Did I ever tell anyone that I detest outside recess?  But thinking of yesterday with 34 K and 1st graders in one small classroom, outside recess was really the lesser of the two.  Evils, that is.  LOL

I ordered and received a gluing jig.  I'm really excited about it.  As one creates furniture from kits or just builds from plans, it's often difficult to keep the item straight when gluing.  Thus, a gluing jig.

I looked around for one at a good price.  $30 without shipping/tax was the best I could find.  And I am so happy with it.  It only took 2 days from order to receiving.  I think that's great. 

I could've used this when I put the chairs together.  Next time. 

So I plan on feeling better this weekend and using it.  Inside the corner of the jig is the brown dresser I'm making for one of the village houses.  It's so small and it's difficult to hold it straight.

Oh yes, there are 8 magnetic pieces with the jig.  And best of all, hubby can use it, too. 

I rested after work today.  Tomorrow is the holiday party for the class.  It should be fun but I guarantee that I will be one exhausted lady tomorrow night.

So, until then...


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fireplace decorations

Cold and rainy today.  It started out as sunny and went down the tubes from there.

School was fine and the kids went to a holiday concert put on by the 4th and 5th graders.  It was so wonderful and the little ones were just bouncing to all of the music.  I enjoyed it, too.

I'm still sick, unfortunately.  I still have a rotten cough and laryngitis.  The voice is better after a good night's rest.  But I have to teach again and use the microphone, although it's just a louder whisper.  LOL

I decided to decorate the two fireplaces in Rowena's house.  The one in the living room has the swag of red roses.  The attention to detail is wonderful.  On top is the Nativity scene and I have a close-up of that.  Then I decided to put little packages in the front. 

The second fireplace is the one in Rowena's bedroom.  I used the pink swag and the attention to detail is still wonderful.  I took a closer picture of the detail. There are little bells and angels.  On top I put Mrs. Santa and a poinsettia plant.

Enjoy the photos.

Hopefully I will be feeling better for the weekend so I can finish some things I've started.  Such as the little dresser I started the other night. 

Until then....



Monday, December 17, 2012

Bookcase finished

Rain today.  It is so cool and damp out.  And I had to go back on antibiotics.  Can't be sick for the holidays, although I usually am.

School was fine today.  It's fun seeing some of them "get it." 

Since I wasn't in the best of health tonight, I only did the small bookcase.  It doesn't look like much but it took awhile to do.

Tweezers are the best tool.  And toothpicks to spread the glue.  On quarter-scale furniture, I've even applied paint with toothpicks.  It's easy and there's no mess.

So I took a picture of it and put it next to a pen so you could see the size difference.  Isn't it funny next to such a big item?

Time to turn in.  I'm exhausted!

Until then....


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Furniture piece finished

Rainy and cold.  I am not feeling so hot today.  Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow.

Today I decided to put together another kit that I purchased from sdk miniatures llc.  It was a bummer.  Not because it was difficult.  No.  One of the doors had split in two different places.  Whoa boy.  But since it was on the inside of the cabinet, I put glue over it to hold it first.  That worked.

I really like the natural wood.  I don't know if I am going to use wax on it or not.  The attention to detail is really amazing.  At first I planned on painting it.  But I don't think so now. The doors do not open because I would have had to put teeny tiny hinges.  Putting the door handles on was enough for me!  And when something is that small, it doesn't have to open.  Talked myself out of the hinges, if you noticed!

I began another kit but didn't feel good enough to finish it.  One thing I know.  When you start one of these little things, you really need to feel good.  Like I said, the kits are not difficult.  They just require a lot of work with tweezers!  And don't ask why it's a little fuzzy.  I'm not sure if it was the camera or the person taking the photo.

While I was looking some blogs, I found this wonderful creation.  A little eye candy.

This is taken directly from his blog:  'Artist Patrick Acton created Hogwarts School, using 602,000 matchsticks held together with 15 gallons of carpenter's wood glue. It took him nearly three years to complete this masterpiece, which was based on Hollywood's version of Hogwarts seen in the Harry Potter movies. And it was later been sold to an attraction in Spain called "The House Of Katmandu". ' it was donated to Ripleys early in 2012.  The Ripley's website here is amazing.  Enjoy!

Sometimes if you poke on the photo, it will enlarge.

His blog is so good.  Lots of things to look at.

Work tomorrow.  Looking forward to seeing those little faces.  Maybe I'll finish the other piece of furniture tomorrow night.

Until then....


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cabinet and chairs finished

Today was cold again.  Weathermen are saying next week will be rainy and warmer.  I like the warmer part of it.

I'm sure that everyone reading this is crying inside over the senseless taking of precious innocent lives and the lives of gifted educators.  I was in kindergarten this past week and cried when I realized this was about the age of the children I have been teaching.  Indeed, evil is in the world.

Today I decided to look for something with which to finish the green and yellow cabinet.  I went through my scrapbooking things and found these wonderful printies that look like buttons.  I trimmed them and think they look perfect.

Then I tried the chairs.  Oh my goodness.  It took a bit of patience and the use of tweezers.  I used fast tacky glue and didn't realize I had the hearts sideways. By the time I realize it, there was no way to move the "cushions."  So I'll just blame it on the faeries.  After all, it's their furniture.  I love the red and white.   I was pleased with the finished product.

There is a table in the 1:48 book that I plan to make for the chairs.  It will also be red and white.

Watching the Hollywood Christmas parade and just love the glitz. Probably because I watch it from my living room recliner. (smile)

Tomorrow I want to finish a few more of the 1:48 kits.  Oh, yes, Rowena's tree needs decorating.  And I still haven't started the boots.  I hope to do them tomorrow, too. 

Until then...


Friday, December 14, 2012

More grass

Weather is cold again.  I'm over it already.

My class was great today.  The kids are so darned cute.  I'm having a good time with them.

After our dinner tonight, went to AC Moore because we had two 50% off coupons. 

We walked around the store for quite a while.  Why?  I left my list at home. 

However, as I walked around, I was browsing through the greenery/moss section.  And what did I see?  Grass!  Yes, grass for miniature landscaping. 

The original price was $9.50 and we had the coupons.  So I got 2 pieces (18x18 each) for $9.50.  These will be for the fairy village.  I'm excited about finding these locally and not having to order them online and paying for shipping.  With future coupons, I will probably buy some more.

Now if I could just find more lycopodium moss.  Locally.  If anyone knows of a arts and crafts store that carries it, let me know.

Oh yes, one more thing.  If you know of a site where I can learn how to make an apple tree, please let me know.  I don't want to just make a tree and glue some apples on them.  I want a tree that looks real.  So, please keep your eyes open for me.  Thanks.

Tomorrow I hope to do a lot of mini projects and perhaps even sew those boots together.  We'll see what the day brings.  Hubby did part of the Saturday chore list today so I'm off the hook for a few things (we share the list equally unless I work a lot).

So, until then....


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Boots cut out

Brrr....cold here.  Again.  I miss my sandals....

Today was a good day.  The children were really wound up, though.  And it's all about the holidays.  I guess I was like that, too.  Wait a minute!  Did they celebrate holidays in the stone age?  Hmmm...must look that one up.

I did not do any more on my little shelves.  I am looking for decals.  They have to be the right ones.  I don't like putting things on them just to be doing it. 

Going to Michael's and AC Moore tomorrow.  Maybe I'll see something in the scrapbooking area.

I will put the little chairs together on Saturday.  I didn't think I could concentrate enough to put something that small together.  Those legs are micro tiny.  Imagine.  This is 1:48.  I shudder at the 1:144 scale.

I do have to write out Christmas cards, which is what I'm going to do right now.  As soon as I finish this blog.

While I was away from my home, I cut out the pieces for the boots I want to make for one of my dolls.  Unfortunately, it will take the sewing machine and not glue.  So it will be started on Saturday.  I say started because Saturday will be busy for me.  I hope to  mini, mini, mini.  With no interruptions.  We'll see how successful I am.

The fabric is a soft flexible fabric in a deep garnet red, although it looks brown. The inner sole will be blue because I had some of it left from another project and it will be inside and unseen.  These boots will be for one of the boy dolls.  I love the color and hope they turn out nice.  Here's a picture of the cut-out boot pieces.  Looks easy but there is a lot of stitching required -- especially straight stitching -- the kind you can't mess up because it will look bad.

So here's to writing out cards.  Until then....

Feliz Navidad!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cabinet finished

Clear and cold in Toms River today.  Personally, I'm waiting for spring.  They are talking about possible snow next week.  I don't want that.  When it snows, there's no school.  No school, no pay.

Has everyone finished their holiday shopping?  I'm almost finished. 

Does anyone buy craft items from AC Moore?  If you have one close to you, there was a huge full-page ad today (valid Wednesday through Saturday) that included a 50% coupon on any regularly priced item.  That was in addition to Sunday's flyer with a 40% coupon on any regularly priced item.  Going there Friday night after our date night dinner.  I love those coupons.

Tonight I put the quarter-scale cabinet together. I don't know what house it will be in yet. I guess it's all according to what I will put in it.

I think it's very plain, even with the front panels so I will be looking for something to put on it. Decals or maybe I'll paint something. I'm no Van Gogh so maybe I'd be safer with decals.

It was very easy to assemble but one must be careful of the edges.  The little tabs stick out and they fit into the little holes or notches.  I was a bit nervous, thinking I'd break them off.  But I put glue on the tabs and on the edges, too, so the entire sides glue to the structure.  I want to go over the green paint again but I had to stop and let it dry. 

I really like it.  And it was only a few dollars.  Worth it because it was easy.  I like easy. 

So that's it for tonight.  It's beddy-bye time for me.   Talk to you tomorrow.

Until then....


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Quarter scale furniture started

Hi.  Woke up to rain today.  It was sunny by noon but very cold. 

School was fine today and the children were so cute.  We are learning some sight words.  How excited they get when they recognize words. 

We are back home.  It's a different change of pace.  However, I hate putting things away from the suitcases.  Does anyone like that job?

I began the painting on two of the quarter-scale kits.  The one kit has two chairs, probably for a kitchen.  I am putting on a white primer because I don't know exactly what color I want the final coat to be. 

I also started the open-front cabinet.  Since I like the colors suggested on the front of the kit package, I am also going to use yellow and green.  However, the yellow I chose is much brighter. 

Tomorrow night I will do some more on the kits.  Maybe I'll have several epiphanies!  Wouldn't that be nice?

Since I finished the tree, I found that another way to remove the "snow" from a bottle brush tree is to soak it in Dawn dishwashing detergent.  It melts it off.  I'll try that next time.  I have to order more greenery but I'll wait for a % off sale.

It's time to crash.  Kindergarteners, along with the lateness of getting home (4) just gets me so tired.  So, I'll be back!

Until then....


Monday, December 10, 2012

Eye candy and little else

Can you believe it is still raining?  Maybe one of my mini buildings should be an ark.

I am going to put lights on the tree when we get back to our house.  I might also do the ribbon circling rather than garland or maybe do the ribbon from top to bottom.  Have you seen that effect?  And I have to find my ornaments.

Talked to hubby about making a stand.  It will probably be attached to the round one on the original tree.  It isn't easy removing it.

So tomorrow we will be home.  And then I will be putting furniture together.  And doing other little things.

But I wanted to show you this great Cantilevered Floating Staircase by Deb Roberts.  The picture, with directions, is from and the directions are really great. 

Let me know if you want to try it and if you decide to do it, send me a photo.  I think I'll do it when I have free time.  It's in my favorites and on my to-do list.  LOL

So enjoy the eye candy and the tutorial.

Until then....


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Finished tree

Weather is still wet.  We are still in the doggies' house.  Today was a day for vegging.  I napped.  Hubby nodded off occasionally.  Talked to the grandchildren today.  The older child's team came in 2nd.  Tough because for two years they were the champs. 

I am quite happy that I did not bring my sewing machine.  I would have worked on the boots today instead of resting.  Then I would be exhausted tomorrow.

I finished the tree, which was a little bit of a challenge as I got closer to the top.  Not much room to place branches.  I did take longer branches and put them down as I went up.  I began trimming the bottom and part of the middle.  There is still a bit of trimming but I don't want to do too much.  But I do love it now that it's done.

There were some empty spaces. They were easy to fill with those branches that were removed from the large branch.  I did try to put a long branch on the top of the tree so an angel or star could be placed on it.  But it wouldn't stick.  I think I'll just put something straight, paint it dark green and leave it at that.  It won't be seen.

I want to make a tree stand now.  There is a small stand on the bottom but it doesn't hold up the new tree very well.  That will be my next project. 

I have some ornaments for the tree and need garland, etc.  We'll see what the next few weeks bring.  The nice thing about a dollhouse is that it can be done whenever.  :)

So, here's the final project.  What do you think?

When I get home from work tomorrow, I plan to try it. I need to decide how to attach the new stand to the old one. (sigh)

Until then....


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Nothing. Nada. Zip.

So nothing got done today except prepping for tonight's dinner party. 

I did cut out a pattern for boots for my one large ball jointed doll and will have to wait until I get home because it must be sewn.  Oh well.

My time tonight was cleaning up the kitchen.  Whew!  Thank goodness for the dishwasher and a helpful hubby.

I plan to finish the tree tomorrow.  At least filling in the branches.  I'm excited for it to be done now.

While taking the dogs out for their constitutionals, I stood on the side of their creek and enjoyed it when one of swans (there are 4) came up to the dock.  Have to snap the picture fast because Meg gets great joy out of chasing them away.  Here's a photo of the swan.  Istn't it magnificent?  It was posing.

There was a darkish one the other day.  I thought it might be a black one but no one has seen it yet and I think they think I'm delusional.   And maybe so.  LOL

While talking to the swan, the mallards came around -- I think it was a case of jealousy -- or maybe they thought they'd be fed! 

Anyway.  Enjoy the photos.  Talk to you tomorrow.

Until then....


Friday, December 7, 2012

Almost a tree

Hi.  Raining today and it's a cold rain.  There's a fire in the wood-burning stove and it's toasty warm in here.

Friends came for dinner and I had preparations for tomorrow's dinner party.  We also had to stop at the store.  So we didn't get home right after I got out of school.

I worked on the tree for about an hour.  Because it's so close to the top now, only a bit can be done.  Then it has to dry.  There's only about 2 inches to go. 

Other than that, I haven't done much today. 

I am going to try to make doll boots tomorrow.  We'll see how that turns out.  Know what I did?  Forgot my sewing machine.  So I will use glue.  I'll let you see my efforts tomorrow.

It's late.  I'm tired.  Ready to crash. 

Until then...


Thursday, December 6, 2012

The tree comes to life - halfway

Hi.  Cool but nice here in NJ.  Worked today but the class I have is so wonderful that they really don't need oversight.  Nice!

We are not at our home and I have to remember that when I begin projects.  I was going to put some quarter-scale furniture here but forgot the paint.  No matter how good I plan, I always forget something.

I began making the patterns for the QS furniture from the book I purchased.  I really like making the furniture.  I saw a tutorial today about making a 1:12 old-time clock-radio and I may make one.  It's also from mat board and balsa.
Greenery stuff

View from the top
View from the side
So, where am I on the tree?  I have about 75% of it done.  It did take more greenery that I thought it would.  And it is a bit messy, although not bad.  The tree needs to be very very bushy so that it can be trimmed to the proper shape.  There are enough pieces to fill in any bare spots.  I think it is coming along nicely. 

I hope to finish putting the branches on Saturday since we are having dinner guests tomorrow night and I don't anticipate having a lot of time. 

I have some preparations to make for the Christmas dinner party I am hosting on Saturday night.  I plan on having time to finish the tree branches.  Maybe I can then shape it on Sunday.  I haven't figured out how to do the trimming yet.  I want it to be almost perfect in shape. 

So, it's time to turn in.  Hope your day went well and tomorrow is wonderful. 

Until then....


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Doggies and a tree

Meg, the border collie, stalking
her tennis ball
Pedro, a teacup chihuahua
Hi.  At the doggie's house.  I have some photos of the creatures. 

I started the tree project.  And it is a major project but I think it will be worth it. In fact, I like it already.  I do one section and let it dry well before I start the next section.  I'm watching the tutorial from Casey's Minis, a great blog.  She did this tutorial quite a while ago. 

If you decide to do this, you need a bottle brush, very sharp small scissors, glue (I use Elmer's All-Purpose Glue), lycopedium (comes in a bag - miniaturists and railroaders have it) and a lot of newspaper.  The white "snow" must be cut off.  It doesn't matter that you are shearing a lot of the tree.  What remains is the foundation for the new branches.  It eventually gets shaped like a fir tree.

The first thing I did was take the pieces of greenery apart.  They come off in several sizes.  I sorted the piles by their size.

As per the tutorial, I put a straight piece on the top (for the star or angel) and glued it.  I had to hold it for a little bit until the glue set.  It needs to be straight.

I started with the bottom and put the biggest of the greenery all around it.  I took each piece, dipped it in the glue and placed it inside the tree.   

Then hubby and I went to Atlanta Bread for soup and a sandwich. 

I'm not going to rush this project because I really want it to last.  I will look for a plastic container to put it in when finished.

This is some eye candy for you!  You will be amazed.  So --- sit back and enjoy The City that Time Forgot.

Until then....


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Trees and stuff

We're back to April weather.  Know it is not for long.

Had to pack up for our week trip to hubby's son's house.  It's only about 14 miles away but when you are there every day, you need your stuff. 

I got the six-week (give or take a week) job in the bilingual kindergarten class and I'm excited about it.  Not excited about the 4:15 p.m. getting home (goes into my mini time) but happy about the opportunity and, of course, the money.  I start that job 12/10.  The next 3 days are with extremely bright middle schoolers.  Should be a good 3 days.

So, I made a list (of course).  I'm taking my clays and tools, miniature kits that I bought at the dollhouse show, several mini furniture kits for the new house, my laptop, and the two trees on this blog.  Oh and I'm taking clothes, too.

Today I received my packets of growies (yes, that's their official name).  These are for the spots that need such things in the village.  I have these in front of Rowena's house.  They are easy to use, although can be a bit messy.  If you use them, make sure there is paper underneath and no breezes.  Trust me on that one.  It will be used also in the flower shop.

Also pictured are two trees.  The before on the right is a "thing of beauty" (well, maybe not) with flocking.  It is a bottle brush tree (yes, that's it's official name).  So I gave it a haircut and removed all of the flocking, which took me forever because I thought it was a glue but it was more like a cement-type material.  It will be Rowena's Christmas tree.  Don't laugh.  There is a wonderful tutorial on making such a tree. This is only the base.  I will use something called lycopedium, a greenery that looks like evergreen material.  So we'll see how it goes.  I'll show you my progress as I go along.  I understand that to do it right, it takes a bit of time.  And I want it to last a long time. 

It's time to wrap up the day.  It's only 8 p.m. but I have miles to go before I sleep....  Come on, I never get to use this line.

Talk to you tomorrow night.

Until then....


Monday, December 3, 2012

Family holiday photo

Hi.  What a lovely day today.  I am going to be working in the bilingual kindergarten for several weeks that will go into January.  I am happy about it.  There are many teachers who have requested me for December but a short-term is really the best deal ever. 

So it means I will be working this Wednesday/Thursday and Friday and then begin Monday, December 10, in kindergarten.  Fun!

Today I was in a math class.  I'm not a math person but I did know this lesson and was able to teach it thoroughly.  I actually feel special when I can teaching something well.

Received the little flower thingies that will be part of the village.  I did not get much done today in terms of the houses.  Instead, I worked on designing the village.  Not being able to do things halfway, I am deciding on street names, names of village people and things like that.  This part is fun.

Well, what did I do today?  I made a special holiday card for my friends who also collect dolls of all sizes.  The group today involved a family with the last name of Dreary.  I changed their first names, though. 

There are 4 kids, which are identical quadruplets:  the boys are Quenton, Quinlan and the girls are Quinn and Quillan.  The adult, Uncle Bjarne (pronounced Jarn) is their uncle.  The aunts are Katarzyna, the brunette, and Tatiana, the redhead.  Notice the two cats.   The one held by Quillan is Faux Paws and the one held by Tatiana is Independent Claws (Indy for short).  They don't like to have their photos taken.  Everyone is wearing their hooded robes that I just finished.

I am showing you their portrait in this blog.  I think it came out wonderful.  Anyway, it will be a holiday card.

Tomorrow I have to set up my projects for the trip to our son's house.  Enjoy the photo!

Until then....


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Other roofed houses

Hi.  I am still a bit under the weather so I rested today and took a much-needed nap.  The only thing I did of any importance was to make sure all of the pieces and parts were in the new dollhouse box and finish roofs on the other buildings.  The house won't be started until probably after the first of the year and we still have to find a place for it.   And no, I didn't do Rowena's house.  I'll hear about it from her, too. 

Something funny happened the other day.  I have been writing on this blog about the roofs of my buildings.  I think I talked about doing different things to them.  One of my comments was from a roofer who told me that all roofs needed good roofs.  It's probably someone who has a web-crawler program.  Funny?  I thought so.

I work tomorrow but get home early.  By 3 p.m. instead of of 4.  That hour means a lot.  I'll be in a 7th grade math class.  I love that particular group of teachers and students.  It should be a fun day.

I have the pictures of the other houses with their roofs.  They turned out nice.  I also am going to put a patio on one of them.  You can see the start of it as the base is done.  I have to find something for the patio part.  I didn't know I was going to put on a patio.  It just sort of happened.  LOL

Garden shop with patio

Side view of snowshoes
Front view of snowshoes
Oh yes, one more thing.  Found some snowshoe ornaments in Target.  I bought one to try it on my dolls.  I had to separate them, of course, which took a little time because I didn't want to nick the wood.  But they fit my dolls perfectly!  I had been wanting to make snowshoes and now have them.  The first pair was $3 but today we went back because hubby said all of the boys needed them.  They were marked down to $2.50.  So we bought the ones they had.  5 in all.  Here is the before and after shots. 
Snowshoes as ornaments

Enjoy your evening.  When I get the village up, there will be stories on here from those who live there.

Until then...