Friday, December 20, 2013

Dragon egg nests finished

I haven't been writing.  I know.  Why?  Because I've been working and have done nothing!  Ha.

Anyway, this morning I am off since the schools had 1/2 days.  I finished the dragon egg nests.  The original nests were so neat and originally I was going to do them that way.  But then I realized how many creatures line their eggs up perfectly in their nests?  Maybe some do.  But not my dragons.

This was the nest awaiting the filling for the eggs.  The original nests used straw but I didn't have that.  And if I'm not sure I'll use it in the future, I don't want to buy it.

So I used mossy stuff and nestled the eggs in the mossy stuff.  They are not perfectly placed.  They fit my thoughts of dragon nests better.  And that is what poetic license is all about.

Now if you want to see how protective dragon parents are, please look at the photo below.  Papa Dragon and Mama Dragon want to put the nest with its eggs in the house.  There are two screaming children who do not belong in the house trying to prevent them from entering.  It promises to be interesting.  I will look in on them later.
So today I hope to accomplish something else.  I really don't like it when projects take so long but life just keeps getting in the way!
Until tomorrow,
P.S.  If you haven't already, please go to blog and see her latest creation.  She is so talented.  I hope she wins the contest!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Finished Garden Corner

We had another snowstorm and it isn't even winter.  I know we're not the only ones.  But it caused me to lose a day of work.  Boo hoo!!!  I drove all the way to school before I found out it was closed.  When I left home at 7 a.m., it still wasn't closed.  They closed it about 7:05.  The h.s. students were already in their classes since they start at 7 so the buses had to turn around and get them to go home.  It was a mess.  But when I settled down after I came home, I decided to finish some projects. 

I finished painting the 45 crates.  I need to make a few more dragon eggs and that's my goal tonight. 

I also finished the garden corner with a bird bath.  You really can't notice but I squeezed some E6000 clear glue into the bird bath and it will look like water when it's dry.  I used a shell for the bird bath and used beads for the stand.

It will be mailed out tomorrow.

Then I have some friends who also collect certain dolls -- the same ones I do -- and six of us exchange holiday cards.  I finished the photo for the cards today and will address them tonight.  I think they came out cute.

I'll be busy tonight.  Until tomorrow,


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Crates galore

Hi there.  We have a cold spell settling in but thank goodness we don't have the snow that is in the west.  Temperature is 28 degrees.  Brrr.

Went out to dinner with a bunch of friends tonight.  It was fun and the food was okay.

So today I finished the crates for the dragon eggs.  I spent the entire afternoon using the miter box.  My hands were sooooo tired.  I don't think I'm meant for manual labor.  LOL

Here are the crates.  I think 45 are shown.  Maybe.  There may be a pile somewhere else.  Tomorrow after church I will tackle the painting of them.  Then it's finishing them up.

Still struggling with making a birdbath or bench for the garden corner.  It has to be mailed by Monday!  So you know what I'll be doing.

I plan to put our tiny tree up tomorrow, too, since I didn't get to it today.  And Rowena is making noises about her house not being decorated yet.  I have the decorations out but haven't put them up yet. 

I work all next week so if I have any energy left when I get home, I have to do her house.  Oh yes, I also have another swap project.  I love having projects lined up.

Anyway, hope your evening has been great and your Sunday is marvelous.

Until tomorrow,


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Garden corner view

Hi there.  Warmish temperature.  The cold is expected by this weekend.  However, that was predicted by the woolly worm.  What???  Never heard of it?  Well, when we were living in rural KY, the woolly worm was a weather predictor.  Depending upon its colors, it could be counted on to forecast the winter.  Any dark spot on the caterpillar was very very cold weather.  Medium brown was cold and light brown was mild.  There were "sightings" where people called each other and kept track of the colors.  For example, dark/med brown/light meant frigid/cold/mild.  Beware of the all black one!  There were even annual woolly worm festivals, complete with races where the caterpillars would climb up a rope.  Who could reach the top first??  This is true, I swear.  You just can't make this stuff up.  Anyway, what started this rant is the fact that I saw a woolly worm last week--here in NJ.  It was light brown, dark brown, light brown and then a little dark at the end.  So we are presently in the light brown stage. 

I now have my google back and the ability to add pictures.  It's really annoying when it gives fits.

I love the hat and the birdhouse on the top shelf.  The tote bag has gardening tools in it.  I think the whole project came out nice.

I am showing you what I've done so far on the garden corner.  I am going to put something in the empty corner to fill it and give it balance, either a table and benches or a birdbath, whatever is easiest to make.  What do you think so far?  Have I missed anything?

Since I can't decide what to do for the outside wall on the left, I will leave it open.  I would rather do that than to put up a fence that doesn't belong.

It needs to be mailed out by Monday. 

Then I am going to start my special project.  I think I can probably do some of it on this blog.  It will be lengthy and isn't due until July 2014 as a contest entry.  I've never done anything for a contest so I want to take my time.  I have the sketch made and things I need, plus a list of what's needed (most of the project has to be handmade) to make the dozens of items.  And I will be tackling some projects I've never done before.  Should be interesting.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Until then,

Hi again

Hi there.  Well, I tried to write yesterday but for some reason, Google blogger was giving me fits.  And it refused my photos.

So I'll be back tonight. 

I do wonder, though, how much have computers added to our stress levels?  I am old enough to remember the "old days" when things took longer but you didn't lose information after you spent the time to enter it.  Oh well, just my musings.  LOL

Until then,


Monday, December 2, 2013

New things and storage

Hi.  Didn't have a job today so I worked on my garden swap project.  And I'm still finishing the crates for the dragon eggs.  Then it was off to a friend's where we learned about our 4S phones and what they can do.  Then we stopped at Target to buy covers for them.  I was able to get a simple cover.  Hubby needed one more substantial, since he wears it on his belt and he's more likely to have it fall.  It protects his phone from all nasty things.  And then it was off to Applebee's for an early dinner.  I am tired.

So I decided to go through some of the boxes of dollhouse items I've received that are still in their makeshift boxes.  I keep my assorted and sundry items in plastic containers.  I am going to get a few more when they go on sale or I use my 40% off coupon in Joanns.  I like that the end cube is long to fit those crazy things that need more room.  (I also use these boxes for my dolls' shoes, purses and accessories.  They keep everything neat and tidy.  And clean!

As you can see, I keep my printies in here, too.  Otherwise, they get squashed. 

There's no rhyme or reason to this storage.  The cushions from the patio furniture set is stored in here.  As are other things.

I did find some things I forgot I had:  kitchen knives!  There is a cleaver and a knife.  And I was shocked to find they are sharp like real knives.  They were given to me by a friend and the first time I saw them close up.  Funny!

A week ago I ordered some little items from a company in Thailand and they came today.  Together they cost $9 and that included postage.  I do love bargains. 

These little purple ones are a great bargain for $4.50.  I love them.  They will probably find a home in Rowena's house.  Maybe not.  I guess I haven't decided.  Ha!

These are my favorites.  Just the loveliest yellow.  These are definites for the beach house.  There will be a lot of blues and greens in that house and these will be a welcome addition.

So this was my day.  Right now I'm looking for a tut to make a very basic birdbath at a nominal cost.  I work tomorrow and hope to have enough energy to do some more work on the egg crates.

Until then,


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Wall on potting center done

Still cold here.  It's winter weather but still autumn.  I'm ready for spring.  Looking for a job for tomorrow.  Pretty slim chance since it's the day after a holiday but I may get lucky. 

Today did a little work outside with hubby.  We're cleaning up the yard for the winter.  We clean out pots, put away patio furniture and do a general clean up.  There are some definite spring projects we have found.  That's why it's nice to do an autumn cleaning, IMHO.

Still have not turned my phone on.  We are getting a library book called "iPhone 4s for Dummies."  I love the dummies books. 

So I wanted to finish the wall today and I did.  What took the most time is looking for braces for the small shelf and the tray.  I found both in a pile of stuff.  When I do house and furniture kits, I save all of the little parts, odds and ends and hope to make use of them in future projects. 

I found a half-round for the shelf.  It is not only a good brace because of its large gluing area but it's also cute.

Then I hunted some more and found 2 shapes that were perfect as braces for the work tray.  A little paint and sanding, they were glued up.  And there's a good gluing surface, too. 

Tomorrow I plan to attach the wall to the base.  I still don't know what kind of wall to do on the one side.  The original photo has a 3/4 length wall but it's lattice, which I don't have nor do I feel like making.  LOL  If you have any suggestions that will work, without doing a great deal of work, I'd be interested.

So what do you think???  I am also gathering things for the scene.  I hope to have something to show you tomorrow.

Until then,


Saturday, November 30, 2013

Garden center begins

First of all, I hope everyone had a great turkey day.  It is said that Ben Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird but it was voted down for the eagle.  Imagine having the turkey on our money and eagle meat for dinner.  Of course, I've never tried eagle (and it's on the protected species list) but I think ick is the word I would use.

Yesterday was a run-around-for-100-errands day.  One of those errands was to get new phones.  It began when hubby's flip phone kept losing juice.  I had a 3G.  Went to the AT&T store and found that neither of our phones were in existence any longer.  Hubby's went out with the Model T.  Ha.  But since our contract was up, we both got new phones.  The iPhone 4s.  I haven't even looked at mine.  Hubby is better because he's playing with his to see what it can do. 

So, what did I do today?  I am in a swap with another lady.  I already have her gift.  This is a Christmas swap so it has to be to our swap partner by Dec. 15 and we can't open it until then.  I looked all over what to make her.  I saw a little potting garden center somewhere on Pinterest.  I decided to make something like it. 

I used Woodsies in the shape of popsicle sticks and thin sticks, a base, basswood, paint and glue.  I racked my brain for a suitable patio base because I haven't the time to make bricks.  So I stumbled across an extra vinyl tile that we have in our home.  It resembles slate.  And two great things: it was free and it has a sticky back.

I put an edge on it and put it in the gluing jig to dry square. 
I took basswood and attached it to the bottom of the base.
Then I began the back fence.  The original picture used 14 sticks so I did, too.  As I glued them together, I put them in the jig to keep them square and even. 

After I finished them, I put two thin pieces of wood on the top and bottom.  Then I painted them dove gray.  I noticed a slight bend so I put clamps on them and clamped them to the extra piece of vinyl.  Hope it works.

The original photo showed a very fancy table for potting.  Since I've never tackled something like that and time is of the essence, I decided to make a table top that would be attached to the back fence.  I used two pieces of basswood, gluing them together for strength.  I also had to clamp them.  Then used two skinny wood pieces for the three sides.  It's also painted dove gray. I love how it came out.

Tomorrow I will attach it to the back of the fence.  There is also a top shelf for the fence.  I have a few more things to finish.  All will be glued down.  Then I can find items to put in it. 
Until then,

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Eve

No minis today because I worked.  Did make it to and from work with no mishaps.  Yay!

Doing some preparing for our visit to stepson and d-i-l's house.

See you tomorrow!

Until then,



Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Treasures for future beach house

We are getting the storm that was predicted.  It is starting to rain hard now.  By the time I go to work tomorrow, there will be high winds and the rain should be coming down in sheets and will continue until about noon.  All will be well by tomorrow afternoon, but there will still be winds. Parade people in NYC are wondering if there will be floats in the parade.  I wouldn't want to be in the parade!

I am going to start building my beach house in a few weeks.  I have been gathering things for it.  However, the items out there are few and far between.  I plan to make the "sea glass" and the tiles for the bathrooms.  I have so many ideas it's fun to begin putting them together.  I hope to make a design storyboard for each room like I did for Rowena's house.

However, several weeks ago, I was looking at items in an Internet miniature dollhouse show.  Up popped a business owned by Lindsay Pastore, Small Scale Living, that did laser cut items.  And there were beach items!  And all reasonably priced.  I ordered some that I wanted right away.  I plan to finish them. 

I photographed every one of them.  I'll tell you my plans for them as the house goes along.  I am excited!

I think this anchor is just darling.  I have photos  of what I want to do with it.

This beach sign is something I wanted but certainly didn't know where I would find it.  Here it is!

This crab will probably be on the back porch.  I'm not sure but it will have a prominent place in the new house.

This paddle is just perfect.  I think I have to get a few more. 



Isn't this ship wheel the greatest? 

See these two items?  I wanted a seahorse and a starfish.  I got both! 

These will be integral parts of the house décor.

I asked for these and she made them for me.

Lindsay has a great site at and at the present time, she is adding more laser cut items.  She has 1:12 scale in Shabby Chic and Beach/Cottage décor.  She also works in 1:48 scale.
Take a look at her site.  Keep it as a bookmark.  Visit often.  Her prices are fabulously affordable.  And she takes commissions for a nominal fee.
So, I'm out of breath.
Until tomorrow,

Monday, November 25, 2013

Dragon egg small crates made

Brrr!  It is bitter cold here.  Going to get that horrible rain tomorrow.  Several inches are predicted.  I wouldn't be surprised if there were flurries.  I just found out that I'm working Wed. in a week I didn't think I'd have a job.  Yay!

So I worked almost all day on the little crates for the dragon eggs.  More difficult than I thought.

I am working with basswood because balsa is so thin.  But I didn't know that it would splinter so bad.  I tried to cut it straight but it would take on a life of its own.  I was trying to use it for the sides of the boxes.  After several attempts that were awful (the final product won't be seen), I switched to using woodsies for the side pieces.  You will see the difference but at least everything is straight.

My glue of choice is this Titebond product.  It cleans up with water and can be painted over.  My kind of glue.  And it doesn't take a ton of glue to get a good adhesion. 
I was able to make use of my gluing jig.  I like the way it works and keeps every thing squared.  

And these are the final crates.  This is where you can see the different sides.  The crates still have to be painted and distressed so I think they'll work just fine.

That was my day.  Took almost the entire time to cut and glue and square up these little things.  I only have 30 more to go! 

Until tomorrow,


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Dragon Egg carts and a Mess

Hi.  Well, it is c-o-l-d here.  Hubby is out doing leaves.  I am in the warm house. Enough about fairness (ROFL).

I have a secret that I might as well share.  Maybe some of you have it, too.  I do not put things away after I am through with them.  There!  Secret's out.  So just to prove it, I took a photo of our dining room table.  There are supplies for 4 projects that are in progress.  I am trying to go through the clutter.  Then I see something I want to work on again.  It's my kindergarten brain, I think.

If you look closely (not too closely), there are bread items waiting to be baked but I'll wait and do them with the dragon eggs.  Then there's the balsa sheet, glue, paints and up at the top is a pile of fabric that needs to be sorted.  But as I started doing that, I found a real nice knit and cut out a dress for one of my dolls. Then I put it aside in the "To Sew" pile See what I mean?  Anyone else like this?

Anyway, after I became bored with sewing, I began making the crates for the dragon eggs.  I got bored doing eggs and I have a bunch more to do.

Last night we went to AC Moore and I bought sheets of balsa wood.  There are 3 different sized crates.  I cut all of the bottoms out.  I now have to cut the sides.  Because this is manual labor, the crates are not always completely square.  However, with the way they will be done, no one will notice.

Crate in gluing jig
I  tried putting the crates together with E-6000 glue.  It's tough working with it because it smells bad.  Then I put it in the magnetic gluing jig.  At least it will be square.  Each piece will consist of 3 different sized crates and the eggs will be nested in them.

Tonight I will give my hands a rest.  I bought some things on eBay and will show you as they come in.  Also waiting for my laser cut items, which were mailed yesterday.  It's like Christmas.

Until tomorrow,


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Miscellaneous and Dragon's Eggs

Hi.  Still having trouble with eBay and Paypal.  Makes me crazy.

I have some new goodies for Rowena's house.   Here are 6, no 5 cocktail glasses.  While sitting on the couch, I was looking at them and one fell into the couch.  Still cannot find it. (sigh)

Cocktail glasses
I wanted a flag for Rowena's house.  Houseworks had one and had I remembered the beach house, I would have bought two.  It comes with the pole and the attachment for the house.

This will be placed on Rowena's house. 
When going through the mini show a few weeks ago, I saw these frames.  I bought 8 of them.  I think there are 3-4 different styles.  They were inexpensive and finished.  I am going to put wire on the back of them and hang them from a small nail.
Bought 8 of these frames, several different styles.
To be used for Rowena's house and beach house.

The items in this "syrup container" from McD's are for the kitchen pantry.  There are canned goods, boxed items and spices.  I will give some to Rowena for her mansion and put a few in her beach house.

These are from a swap I was in.  Kitchen pantry items. 
The brooms were made by me.  I followed the tutorial by Casey (Casey's Minis).  I found them boring to do and if I had to make more, I'd change several things.  But they came out okay.
Brooms made by me.
Here are some good old dragon eggs.  Or they will be when they are done.  It's for a project.  I found the tutorial in one of my dollhouse magazines.  I have to make crates for them, too.  Tomorrow night is a visit to A.C. Moore for some balsa or bass wood.  I'll do them on here.  They look like beans but when they are in their crates, they will be fine.  
I have quite a few things for the upcoming beach house.  I hope to start it soon.  Hubby bought the turntable for it.  It will need a base, too, which I will make.  It will be an interesting, and fun, project.  I am waiting for an order from a special artist who has beach laser cut items in 1-inch scale.  Can't wait until they get here!
Until tomorrow,

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Back again - hopefully for good!

Hi folks!  Hope some of you return.  I've been pretty busy with sewing for people and for one of my sewing groups. 

Vintage Joe Tai beauty in auto
I'm going to show you some of the things I've made.

Lady Lavender in her conservatory

Graveyard at night

Ghoulies from the left
Ghoulies on the right, rising from the grave!

Rowena's house with all of its monsters

Ghost  in flight

Halloween scene

Rowena greeting her "guests."

So this is how I've been busy.  However, I am involved in several mini projects.  I hope to begin posting again.

I've noticed that when I try to be part of a blog, I get a message telling me to clear my cache and cookies.  If I do that, I won't be able to get on to my fav sites.  This has only been happening since I had to have my computer redone after a major crash.  All was able to be saved but strange messages now pop up.  Ideas?

Until next time,