Friday, August 16, 2013

Furniture showing pieces

Hi.  I want to thank Jazzi for pointing me to a site for some of the furniture I have.  I think I am going to use her ideas.  I'll show the finished pieces here.

However, this is the furniture kit I was talking about.  Much more rougher than others.  Recognize this box?  I got this for free so decided to bash it.  But I don't want to  reinvent the wheel. 

And this "wood" is not easy to paint so I will definitely need some type of primer. 

So here's the front of the box.  There's lots of pieces and a lot of furniture.

It doesn't come with anything but the furniture.  I notice some of the things are painted white. 

Here's an actual panel of pieces that need to be pushed out for finishing.

I know I read that someone did this.  I could bop myself on the head for not saving such an article and tut.  So put your thinking caps on! 



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  1. To save sanding and priming Pat, why don't you make a mix of Chalk Paint instead to use as a primer. I mix 2 tblsp to 1 cup acrylic paint.