Friday, August 16, 2013

Question to everyone

Hi.  I haven't worked on any minis this week because life got in the way.  LOL

Anyhow, I am beginning to collect things for the beach house I am going to build. 

My sister sent me a Greenleaf Dollhouse Furniture Kit.  It has laser-cut furniture in a really terrible style.  Of course, I plan to bash it.  But I have a question.  If you don't know, perhaps you can check around and find an answer.

Several whatevers ago (years? months? centuries?), when I didn't pay much attention to it, someone wrote about redoing this type of furniture to make it more modern.  Anyone know what I'm talking about?  It will be painted, of course, not stained.

I remember the article talking about reshaping some of the furniture pieces and it gave other hints, too.

If you know of this source, would you let me know?  Otherwise, it will be a bashing frenzy. 

Maybe I'll finish something mini today.



  1. Cyd over at Mini Mod Pod made over this drawer set Pat

    1. Its amazing what one can do with a few subtle changes and some paint!