Sunday, August 11, 2013

Finished things and new things

Hi.  Sorry for the delay in getting things in this blog.  I've been under the weather and my medicine doesn't allow me to focus for long periods of time.  However, over the last few weeks, I finished the Halloween swap items.  They turned out cute.  Each hat bow matches the bow on the broom.  The color of the bows is on the wands.  The wands have "golden" swirls.  I made the brooms larger because here's the original broom.

Here's the sign on a post.  It says ONE HOUR BROOM PARKING.  All Others Will Be Toad.

I made one of these because a friend getting one of the packages doesn't like scary.

However, others are getting her.  She has lipstick on, painted toes and fingers, a gold necklace, gold ring and even a bow.  She is put together with brads so her arms move.

Went to a doll show today.  I found this darling chair, perfect for my Amelia doll.  It was only $5.  The cushion is removable in case I want to make another one.  She likes it and seems perfectly comfortable in it.  It will be easier to put her in the doll case.


The above birthday cake was only $3.  Good bargain for a cake.  

Here are two "crystal" doorknobs.  I don't know if I will put them in Rowena's house or the new beach house.  

Found this cutting board.  I will varnish it one coat to look real and may put a decal on it.

Found this tea cart.  Hubby has to straighten the handle.  It's heavy metal.  Going to get some Tester's paint and redo it.  Don't know what color yet.

I need two rolling pins -- one for each house.  I'll paint the handles.

Seagrams bottle, 4 metal gold tone glasses and tray.  Heavy!

This will be a seed holder.  It's a laser-cut kit and comes with "seed packets."

I have two these -- 2 houses, you know!

One spatula turner. 

These are metal.  The adjustable wrench and the pliers and the large scissors work!  The other scissors don't but they don't appear to belong to this group, which was in one bag.  The hammer is cute, too.  I may use Tester's and paint the tools.  Maybe.

I found these two cute kitchen racks.  $9 for both. 

So that was my day.  It was a good trip.  There are no more shows for awhile.  I am beginning to look for things for the coastal beach house.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot.  Last week, we went to a professional dollhouse show (artisans) and I found two great things.  I'll show you tomorrow.

Until then...



  1. Hello Pat,
    You have been busy. the minis are all wonderful. you always find and make such great items. I am sorry you have been unwell. I hope you are back to 100%
    Big hug,

  2. Great finds Pat! Love the witches hat and brooms you made they are lovely xx