Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Grandchildren update

Another hot day.  I have been sewing the special outfit.  Have to finish the crinoline and the hat tomorrow.  Then I begin the Christmas scene.  (No, it's not too early! LOL)

School starts for most kids next week.  Sydney will be going into 6th (where did the time go?) and Kate is going into 4th.  They came over again today and we are continuing to work on their shops.

Kate is working on the second floor of her boutique, the runway.  We saw a possible Barbie layout and she liked it.  The brown is the floor and it's a 59 cent tile from Home Depot.  She covered a spaghetti box for the runway and glued it down.  The black-and-bling little walls are the changing rooms.

 The curtains make it all pretty.  She'll glue them on next time she's here. 

These will be the benches and the little pieces are for the legs.  They look embedded in the tile but they aren't!


Sydney's bakery also has a second floor.  She originally had fancy chairs.  They weren't feasible but I didn't tell her that, just let her try and make them from clay, wire, etc.  She gave up and decided to make regular chairs.  So I let her have the bag of woodies (they are wooden pieces that are relatively thin but strong) and toothpicks for chair rungs.  We used foam board for the seat, cutting out the corners for the chair back and legs.  She finished one chair and part of the second. 

See the pieces on the tile?  That was a full afternoon's work.

Another thing she did was make hanging lights for her 1st and 2nd floors.  We used a large lid from a medicine bottle, hubby drilled a hole in the top and she covered it with scrapbooking paper.  Next time we'll hang them.  I let her do everything herself so the edges are a bit rough.

It was a tiring but very full day. (Especially for grandma!)

Maybe there will be more tomorrow night.

Until then....


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  1. Hello Pat,
    Clearly talent runs in the family. Please tell the girls their projects are coming along beautifully
    Big hug,