Saturday, November 23, 2013

Dragon Egg carts and a Mess

Hi.  Well, it is c-o-l-d here.  Hubby is out doing leaves.  I am in the warm house. Enough about fairness (ROFL).

I have a secret that I might as well share.  Maybe some of you have it, too.  I do not put things away after I am through with them.  There!  Secret's out.  So just to prove it, I took a photo of our dining room table.  There are supplies for 4 projects that are in progress.  I am trying to go through the clutter.  Then I see something I want to work on again.  It's my kindergarten brain, I think.

If you look closely (not too closely), there are bread items waiting to be baked but I'll wait and do them with the dragon eggs.  Then there's the balsa sheet, glue, paints and up at the top is a pile of fabric that needs to be sorted.  But as I started doing that, I found a real nice knit and cut out a dress for one of my dolls. Then I put it aside in the "To Sew" pile See what I mean?  Anyone else like this?

Anyway, after I became bored with sewing, I began making the crates for the dragon eggs.  I got bored doing eggs and I have a bunch more to do.

Last night we went to AC Moore and I bought sheets of balsa wood.  There are 3 different sized crates.  I cut all of the bottoms out.  I now have to cut the sides.  Because this is manual labor, the crates are not always completely square.  However, with the way they will be done, no one will notice.

Crate in gluing jig
I  tried putting the crates together with E-6000 glue.  It's tough working with it because it smells bad.  Then I put it in the magnetic gluing jig.  At least it will be square.  Each piece will consist of 3 different sized crates and the eggs will be nested in them.

Tonight I will give my hands a rest.  I bought some things on eBay and will show you as they come in.  Also waiting for my laser cut items, which were mailed yesterday.  It's like Christmas.

Until tomorrow,



  1. Haha, your table looks just like mine! Maybe I should confess too... You get more done then I do though!

  2. glad to see your table looks like mine, I always say even though it looks a mess I know what I am doing x