Thursday, November 21, 2013

Miscellaneous and Dragon's Eggs

Hi.  Still having trouble with eBay and Paypal.  Makes me crazy.

I have some new goodies for Rowena's house.   Here are 6, no 5 cocktail glasses.  While sitting on the couch, I was looking at them and one fell into the couch.  Still cannot find it. (sigh)

Cocktail glasses
I wanted a flag for Rowena's house.  Houseworks had one and had I remembered the beach house, I would have bought two.  It comes with the pole and the attachment for the house.

This will be placed on Rowena's house. 
When going through the mini show a few weeks ago, I saw these frames.  I bought 8 of them.  I think there are 3-4 different styles.  They were inexpensive and finished.  I am going to put wire on the back of them and hang them from a small nail.
Bought 8 of these frames, several different styles.
To be used for Rowena's house and beach house.

The items in this "syrup container" from McD's are for the kitchen pantry.  There are canned goods, boxed items and spices.  I will give some to Rowena for her mansion and put a few in her beach house.

These are from a swap I was in.  Kitchen pantry items. 
The brooms were made by me.  I followed the tutorial by Casey (Casey's Minis).  I found them boring to do and if I had to make more, I'd change several things.  But they came out okay.
Brooms made by me.
Here are some good old dragon eggs.  Or they will be when they are done.  It's for a project.  I found the tutorial in one of my dollhouse magazines.  I have to make crates for them, too.  Tomorrow night is a visit to A.C. Moore for some balsa or bass wood.  I'll do them on here.  They look like beans but when they are in their crates, they will be fine.  
I have quite a few things for the upcoming beach house.  I hope to start it soon.  Hubby bought the turntable for it.  It will need a base, too, which I will make.  It will be an interesting, and fun, project.  I am waiting for an order from a special artist who has beach laser cut items in 1-inch scale.  Can't wait until they get here!
Until tomorrow,


  1. Great items! I like your brooms....

  2. Hello Pat,
    I hope you find the glass. the brooms look great!
    big hug,

  3. Your brooms came out great. The bucket of jumbled items reminds me of my pantry after my husband has been in there. I'm glad to find that I'm not the only one that looses tiny items in the furniture, I hope that you find your lovely glass.
    A Big Mini Hug