Monday, November 25, 2013

Dragon egg small crates made

Brrr!  It is bitter cold here.  Going to get that horrible rain tomorrow.  Several inches are predicted.  I wouldn't be surprised if there were flurries.  I just found out that I'm working Wed. in a week I didn't think I'd have a job.  Yay!

So I worked almost all day on the little crates for the dragon eggs.  More difficult than I thought.

I am working with basswood because balsa is so thin.  But I didn't know that it would splinter so bad.  I tried to cut it straight but it would take on a life of its own.  I was trying to use it for the sides of the boxes.  After several attempts that were awful (the final product won't be seen), I switched to using woodsies for the side pieces.  You will see the difference but at least everything is straight.

My glue of choice is this Titebond product.  It cleans up with water and can be painted over.  My kind of glue.  And it doesn't take a ton of glue to get a good adhesion. 
I was able to make use of my gluing jig.  I like the way it works and keeps every thing squared.  

And these are the final crates.  This is where you can see the different sides.  The crates still have to be painted and distressed so I think they'll work just fine.

That was my day.  Took almost the entire time to cut and glue and square up these little things.  I only have 30 more to go! 

Until tomorrow,


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