Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Treasures for future beach house

We are getting the storm that was predicted.  It is starting to rain hard now.  By the time I go to work tomorrow, there will be high winds and the rain should be coming down in sheets and will continue until about noon.  All will be well by tomorrow afternoon, but there will still be winds. Parade people in NYC are wondering if there will be floats in the parade.  I wouldn't want to be in the parade!

I am going to start building my beach house in a few weeks.  I have been gathering things for it.  However, the items out there are few and far between.  I plan to make the "sea glass" and the tiles for the bathrooms.  I have so many ideas it's fun to begin putting them together.  I hope to make a design storyboard for each room like I did for Rowena's house.

However, several weeks ago, I was looking at items in an Internet miniature dollhouse show.  Up popped a business owned by Lindsay Pastore, Small Scale Living, that did laser cut items.  And there were beach items!  And all reasonably priced.  I ordered some that I wanted right away.  I plan to finish them. 

I photographed every one of them.  I'll tell you my plans for them as the house goes along.  I am excited!

I think this anchor is just darling.  I have photos  of what I want to do with it.

This beach sign is something I wanted but certainly didn't know where I would find it.  Here it is!

This crab will probably be on the back porch.  I'm not sure but it will have a prominent place in the new house.

This paddle is just perfect.  I think I have to get a few more. 



Isn't this ship wheel the greatest? 

See these two items?  I wanted a seahorse and a starfish.  I got both! 

These will be integral parts of the house décor.

I asked for these and she made them for me.

Lindsay has a great site at www.smallscaleliving.com and at the present time, she is adding more laser cut items.  She has 1:12 scale in Shabby Chic and Beach/Cottage décor.  She also works in 1:48 scale.
Take a look at her site.  Keep it as a bookmark.  Visit often.  Her prices are fabulously affordable.  And she takes commissions for a nominal fee.
So, I'm out of breath.
Until tomorrow,

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  1. Congratulations on starting a new project! Like all minis you collect for it. Good luck with the weather tomorrow! Keep warm and saved! Mini hugs, Natalia