Sunday, September 20, 2015

Le Petit Maison Work

I would have had this post written sooner but I couldn't find the transfer cord that goes from the camera to the computer.  I looked everywhere for several days.  Finally found it on the floor in back of the couch.  It's better not to ask how it got there.

Also am going to keep my Le Petit Maison work on a separate blog.  I may put up several on the same day for the Projects in Progress and Finished Projects. 

I did several things on the house that I am entering into the contest.    I tried to use thin wire for the edging but the wire refused to work properly.  So I used a little larger gauge and it worked.

The house is a thick board material. The directions said to paint the roof with 2-3 coats of a solid color so I painted the roof three coats of creamy grey.  I have a bad habit of rushing the drying process of both paint and glue.  This time I was smarter and actually put the roof away from my hands. It worked.
The wires for the roof.

The roof after 3 coats of paint.

I bought some laser-cut quarter-scale furniture kits from this wonderful place, Mini Etchers (  I bought a cottage bed, two cottage nightstands, a stove, a refrigerator, two sets of upper cabinets, a sink, a wing chair, a bread box and a plant stand.  I also bought base cabinets for the kitchen.  They came today!

So I was busy today putting these kits together.  I will paint them in the next few weeks.  I do have some of my progress to show you.

This is what they look like when finished.  I think they are so cute.
See these tiny pieces?


I have decided finally that the house will be a French cottage.  I wasn't sure but I am now.  I love the look of them.

Until tomorrow...


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  1. Hello Pat.
    The roof is looking great and I love those kits.
    Big hug