Thursday, September 24, 2015

Third times a charm?

This is the third time I've written this post.  Verizon knocked me off twice.  And even though I saved it during the typing, there's no post. I can't even find the drafts.  Can anyone help?

So I am trying to explain how I got from start of the roof to the finished roof.  A few have asked how I got there.  I will say I followed directions but veered away from them often.

First, I painted the roof because, as I explained, it is a heavy cardboard.  I used Valspar interior paint.  It is a 4 oz container that costs about $4.  I can take any color from the color chips and they will mix it free!  While there is nothing wrong with craft paint, I often don't like their color selection.

Then I did the leading that would look like a metal roof.  I carefully marked where all of the wire would go.

Except I found wire to be very difficult to fight with.  I searched and found some thin black cording in my sewing stash.  Voila!  It worked.

I started at the center and glued the cord down. On the above photo, the cord isn't glued.  I then cut and glued on the lines.  I didn't have to worry when the cord raveled.  The next coat of paint took care of it and there would be a dormer window in the center front.

I finished the front leading.  I laid out strips on the top and sides.  I didn't like the overall look.  And once it's done, that's it.  There's no taking them off.  And for a small building, I think less is more.

Next step was to begin the weathering.  First was to take tissue paper and paint it on.  Looks like a Halloween project.

This is where the directions and I parted ways.  I guess my dry brushing is not very good.  This is the third coat after one of cream and then grey.  All dry brushed.  This is the brown dry brush.  All I thought of was an abandoned building with a rusty tin roof.  Nope.  So I decided that dry brushing brown was not my strong point.

I repainted over the brown.  I gave it several creamy coats of paint. I think it looks weathered but it looks as if the owners of the house take care of their things. LOL  At this point, when it dried, it was ready.

This is the roof finally done.  I placed the dormer windows and the roof chimney pots.  I am pleased with the final results.

I am now in the process of assembling furniture kits for the house. They need to be painted.  I am testing them to see how they fit.  I have a lot to do.

See you next time.


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  1. Hello Pat,
    thank you for sharing your technique. The wire is a great idea!
    Big hug,