Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Finished Garden Corner

We had another snowstorm and it isn't even winter.  I know we're not the only ones.  But it caused me to lose a day of work.  Boo hoo!!!  I drove all the way to school before I found out it was closed.  When I left home at 7 a.m., it still wasn't closed.  They closed it about 7:05.  The h.s. students were already in their classes since they start at 7 so the buses had to turn around and get them to go home.  It was a mess.  But when I settled down after I came home, I decided to finish some projects. 

I finished painting the 45 crates.  I need to make a few more dragon eggs and that's my goal tonight. 

I also finished the garden corner with a bird bath.  You really can't notice but I squeezed some E6000 clear glue into the bird bath and it will look like water when it's dry.  I used a shell for the bird bath and used beads for the stand.

It will be mailed out tomorrow.

Then I have some friends who also collect certain dolls -- the same ones I do -- and six of us exchange holiday cards.  I finished the photo for the cards today and will address them tonight.  I think they came out cute.

I'll be busy tonight.  Until tomorrow,


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  1. Hello Pat,
    I am sorry you lost a day of work, but at least you got some great work done.
    I love the card.
    Big hug,