Thursday, December 5, 2013

Garden corner view

Hi there.  Warmish temperature.  The cold is expected by this weekend.  However, that was predicted by the woolly worm.  What???  Never heard of it?  Well, when we were living in rural KY, the woolly worm was a weather predictor.  Depending upon its colors, it could be counted on to forecast the winter.  Any dark spot on the caterpillar was very very cold weather.  Medium brown was cold and light brown was mild.  There were "sightings" where people called each other and kept track of the colors.  For example, dark/med brown/light meant frigid/cold/mild.  Beware of the all black one!  There were even annual woolly worm festivals, complete with races where the caterpillars would climb up a rope.  Who could reach the top first??  This is true, I swear.  You just can't make this stuff up.  Anyway, what started this rant is the fact that I saw a woolly worm last week--here in NJ.  It was light brown, dark brown, light brown and then a little dark at the end.  So we are presently in the light brown stage. 

I now have my google back and the ability to add pictures.  It's really annoying when it gives fits.

I love the hat and the birdhouse on the top shelf.  The tote bag has gardening tools in it.  I think the whole project came out nice.

I am showing you what I've done so far on the garden corner.  I am going to put something in the empty corner to fill it and give it balance, either a table and benches or a birdbath, whatever is easiest to make.  What do you think so far?  Have I missed anything?

Since I can't decide what to do for the outside wall on the left, I will leave it open.  I would rather do that than to put up a fence that doesn't belong.

It needs to be mailed out by Monday. 

Then I am going to start my special project.  I think I can probably do some of it on this blog.  It will be lengthy and isn't due until July 2014 as a contest entry.  I've never done anything for a contest so I want to take my time.  I have the sketch made and things I need, plus a list of what's needed (most of the project has to be handmade) to make the dozens of items.  And I will be tackling some projects I've never done before.  Should be interesting.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Until then,

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  1. Hello Pat,
    The garden corner is looking beautiful. Great work so far. I will never look at a caterpillar the same way!
    Big hug,