Sunday, December 1, 2013

Wall on potting center done

Still cold here.  It's winter weather but still autumn.  I'm ready for spring.  Looking for a job for tomorrow.  Pretty slim chance since it's the day after a holiday but I may get lucky. 

Today did a little work outside with hubby.  We're cleaning up the yard for the winter.  We clean out pots, put away patio furniture and do a general clean up.  There are some definite spring projects we have found.  That's why it's nice to do an autumn cleaning, IMHO.

Still have not turned my phone on.  We are getting a library book called "iPhone 4s for Dummies."  I love the dummies books. 

So I wanted to finish the wall today and I did.  What took the most time is looking for braces for the small shelf and the tray.  I found both in a pile of stuff.  When I do house and furniture kits, I save all of the little parts, odds and ends and hope to make use of them in future projects. 

I found a half-round for the shelf.  It is not only a good brace because of its large gluing area but it's also cute.

Then I hunted some more and found 2 shapes that were perfect as braces for the work tray.  A little paint and sanding, they were glued up.  And there's a good gluing surface, too. 

Tomorrow I plan to attach the wall to the base.  I still don't know what kind of wall to do on the one side.  The original photo has a 3/4 length wall but it's lattice, which I don't have nor do I feel like making.  LOL  If you have any suggestions that will work, without doing a great deal of work, I'd be interested.

So what do you think???  I am also gathering things for the scene.  I hope to have something to show you tomorrow.

Until then,


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