Monday, December 2, 2013

New things and storage

Hi.  Didn't have a job today so I worked on my garden swap project.  And I'm still finishing the crates for the dragon eggs.  Then it was off to a friend's where we learned about our 4S phones and what they can do.  Then we stopped at Target to buy covers for them.  I was able to get a simple cover.  Hubby needed one more substantial, since he wears it on his belt and he's more likely to have it fall.  It protects his phone from all nasty things.  And then it was off to Applebee's for an early dinner.  I am tired.

So I decided to go through some of the boxes of dollhouse items I've received that are still in their makeshift boxes.  I keep my assorted and sundry items in plastic containers.  I am going to get a few more when they go on sale or I use my 40% off coupon in Joanns.  I like that the end cube is long to fit those crazy things that need more room.  (I also use these boxes for my dolls' shoes, purses and accessories.  They keep everything neat and tidy.  And clean!

As you can see, I keep my printies in here, too.  Otherwise, they get squashed. 

There's no rhyme or reason to this storage.  The cushions from the patio furniture set is stored in here.  As are other things.

I did find some things I forgot I had:  kitchen knives!  There is a cleaver and a knife.  And I was shocked to find they are sharp like real knives.  They were given to me by a friend and the first time I saw them close up.  Funny!

A week ago I ordered some little items from a company in Thailand and they came today.  Together they cost $9 and that included postage.  I do love bargains. 

These little purple ones are a great bargain for $4.50.  I love them.  They will probably find a home in Rowena's house.  Maybe not.  I guess I haven't decided.  Ha!

These are my favorites.  Just the loveliest yellow.  These are definites for the beach house.  There will be a lot of blues and greens in that house and these will be a welcome addition.

So this was my day.  Right now I'm looking for a tut to make a very basic birdbath at a nominal cost.  I work tomorrow and hope to have enough energy to do some more work on the egg crates.

Until then,


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  1. Hello Pat,
    Great storage system. I like the tea sets you got. great deal!
    Have fun at work tomorrow.
    Big hug,