Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bags done

Yesterday was a hectic day.  It didn't start out that way.  It was beautiful but cool.  We took a trip to a local nursery.  Bought three perennials.  Since they are expensive, I only buy a few new ones each year.  Then we bought annuals.  We keep them outside during the sunny day and in our porch at night. They can't be planted yet but we were able to get a good selection.  Last year we waited too long.  The three perennials are planted in the new bed. 

Then I worked on my bags and I have pix to show you.  As we were watching a baseball game, hubby's son called.  He mentioned Kate's play (she's our youngest at age 9).  Tonight???  We were told, and it was marked on our calendar, as next week.  Well, drop everything.  Prepare dinner early -- leftover spaghetti pie -- dress and leave.  Whew!  Didn't get home until after 10.  Play was over at 9:30 but we had to stay to see the "star."  This time Kate only had a singing part but she also danced in 5 of the group dances.  I was glad I worked hard yesterday.

Let me show you how the bags progressed.

First I cut out the bag from my daffodil yellow painted coffee filter.  I then gently scored the creases.

I wanted them to have a design. Using the end of a toothpick, I made dots of deep purple. There is a pattern but it's sort of hard to see.  Then it was drying time.

I wanted the bags to stand on their own so I cut supports for the bottoms of the bags using daffodil yellow cardstock.

I glued the supports in using the two tiny end tabs and after dry, glued one of the end tabs on to it. I kept gluing and tabbing until they were done.  And they were set to dry.  
Here are the bags drying.  I think they are so cute.

I cut thin strips of the same material as they bags.  I glued one side first and let it dry overnight.  This morning I glued the other side. 

And here are the finished bags.  My thought it to make a bunch and sell them on my website. All different colors.  They are nice and easy, I think.

Today we are off to visit friends in south Jersey who are having a huge family party.  So I may or may not be able to do any minis today.  :(
I may be able to show you some future projects, though.
Until then...

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  1. effectivement la journée fut mouvementée mais joliment ! Ces sacs sont très bien faits ,la teinte choisie est très gaie,mais, que vont -ils contenir ???
    Bonne journée ! rosethé-Minima