Thursday, April 11, 2013

Baskets and Umbrellas

Well, we dodged a huge thunderstorm last night.  Of course, it is supposed to be raining tomorrow morning on my way to work.  A soaking rain, from all the reports.  At least hubby drives. 

He is redoing the flower bed at the end of our place.  It was curved but will now be rectangle.  And when it's finished, we'll get plants.  There are two rose bushes left as the annual are long gone.  But these rose bushes have been mostly just bushes for a two years. The rule of my yard: no blooms? three seasons and you're out!  They are out.  Two nice sized bushes are there and we got them when they were babies.  But the snow this past winter ruined them. They now have a deep gashed opening in each of them. They are on the way out, too.  New ones are coming.

Talked to my younger sister today from Florida and she was wearing shorts.  Humpf!

I'm ready for spring!  You?

So I decided to make some cute umbrellas for spring.  They will look nice when I decide to put up a market stall.  But until then will be in Rowena's house.  She likes little parasols.  So I had two sizes of those little cocktail umbrellas.  I tried to redo both.

The first was the larger of the two.  Sorry it came out so dark.  It was a funny kind of day.  Sun was out, then in.  Crazy.  Anyway, if you ever decide to do this, do it most carefully.

Both umbrellas are made the same. Their skeleton is thin cardboard.  It is folded weird.  And in theory, the paper should just come off with no problem. 

In reality, the larger of the two umbrellas had paper that didn't want to come off.  In taking the little paper pieces off, two of the "spokes" tore. I tried to glue them and was successful in doing one of them.  The second one was just stubborn.  This was the result. See that piece sticking up? It refused to cooperate.  And what happens to these uncooperative skeletons? Gone.

So I tried the smaller of the two and that seemed to work.  I did coat the spokes with silver paint to look more realistic.  I was going to do a bunch of them.  I could only find one umbrella.  Are you kidding?  I looked and looked.  They are really cheap so I plan on buying a few packs tomorrow. I think even the dollar store has them.
I was going to be good and put the new covering on but found out I didn't have paper I liked.  Ha!  So I have to get that tomorrow night in A.C. Moore.  Batting 1,000 here.  But at least I have a start.  Sort of.  

Then I wanted to dress up the little baskets I had made a few months ago.  I thought I would paint them. And then decided to put a few pieces of paper strips around them.  I don't particularly like the strips. However, this little one will remain as he is.  And because I want a matching pair, will do another one like him.  The top, however, will have a print.  I may trim the other yellow one, too.  I will see.  They will be used in the fairy village as large pots for the flower/garden shop.  Probably on the patio.

I had some tiny little square pieces of wood left from my buildings.  I took some yellow strips and surrounded one of the squares.  I like it.  I think it can use another layer of height so I may put another strip but it will be double the size it is now.  I'll just glue it over the existing piece.  I may even put a handle on it.  I'll have to look at that.


Then I put what I was doing for the challenge.  It is a skirt with a pleat in the front.  I may have it done by the due date tomorrow.  But I was sick again for a few days and therefore, not much got done on it.  After it is put together, I have the jacket to finish. I'll show you tomorrow if it's finished.  Wish me luck.


That's all for now.  I will go to A.C. Moore and get a few things after our hibachi dinner tomorrow night.  I have to buy tissue paper and a hole punch.  Did you know that after 30+ years, hole punches just need to be thrown out?  Kills me.  But I have to do it.  It needs a rest.  New one tomorrow night.
Until then...

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  1. Hello Pat,
    So many fun projects. I cannot wait to see the umbrellas. Good luck with the sewing. It is going to be beautiful, I love the fabric. I hope you like your new punch. Some tools I have been using for years almost feel like friends and parting is always a little sad.
    Big hug,