Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Finished with gifties

I was able to do a lot of work today.  The weather was beautiful but still a little breezy.  Had the windows open and enjoyed the day.

I work tomorrow, Friday and even Monday so I had to work to get these things done today.  I need to mail them out Saturday.  Swaps are fun.  I  have a group of people to make things for regarding a theme.  This theme is Spring.  I made 7 things.  I will mail them, along with postage for 1 package and my return address label. 

The others in the swap do the same thing.  One person is in charge.  She then distributes the swap gifts to us.  So in turn for what I give them, I get things back, too.  It's fun and a great way to get new and often, different, things.  I'll take pictures when I get my things.

Purple with yellow dots
So here are the things I made for the swap.  You saw the bags, yellow with purple polka dots.  In each bag I put a pair of flip-flops.  Then I made gardening aprons and gardening gloves tucked into the pocket of the apron.  And last, each get a tulip in a beautiful wood vase.

Red tulip in wood vase

Pocketed aprons with gardening
gloves, bags, flip-flops

Forgive the picture placement.  Google is having burps and belches.  Talk to you tomorrow.

Until then...


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