Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tulips finished

It wasn't a bad day but it was a brrr kind of day.  I work tomorrow so I'm happy.  Hubby did some yard work today.  Removed some shrubs and a few rose bushes that are not good bloomers.  He is getting that garden section ready for plants. 

As for me, I finished the tulips!  Hurray!  It took me awhile.  I had to paint both sides of the coffee filter, remember.  But the flowers went together so well.  I found that with the glue on my fingers, some of it got on the leaves.  So, I got smart and mixed green paint in with the white glue.  That made it not so obvious. 

Anyway, there are about 4 dozen of these beauties.  I really am pleased how they turned out. 

I decided on what to do with some of the painted filters when they feel like leather.  My first thing is to make mini tote bags for the beach.  I painted two coats on one side and have to do the second coat on the other side.  I will put one more coat of paint on both sides and then decorate them before cutting then out.

On Saturday, I'll show you how I'm doing them.  Tomorrow I work so I will only have time to do a second and third coat.  I hope to decorate tomorrow night. 

So, it should be fun.

It's time for Project Runway. 

See you tomorrow night.  Until then...



  1. That looks like a proper bulb field, like the Keukenhof in the Netherlands has!

  2. jolies, ces tulipes, de quoi faire des bouquets printaniers !