Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Coming to you from Cape May, NJ

I am at the Jersey Shore, my friends, in beautiful Cape May.  Altho' our anniversary is in March, we opted for a May visit because (1) March is cold and there are few things open at the beach, and (2) I wouldn't have been strong enough after my stroke to do all this walking.  So here we are.  Staying at the Marquis de Lafayette.  This is the view from our room, which has a balcony off the little sitting room.  Between the sitting room and the bedroom is a section that involves the bathroom to the right and a tiny kitchenette to the left.  But my fav is the ocean view and here it is:

Before we left home today, I worked on the outdoor dinosaur shower.  This will be the base and the bottom support. 

This will be the top of the shower and will hold the shower head.  

This will go on top of the green base.  It helps to hold the pole straight.

This is the pole which will be the shower water line pole, which is a chopstick.  Excuse me, was a chopstick.  :)

This is the shower head on its side.  You can see that the silver paint isn't covering the plastic.  I am going to find some silver model paint.

So those are the components of the dragon shower.  Hubby asked where the water will come from.  Huh?  Magic, of course.

Tomorrow we go to the wicker shop and an antique store and the Christmas store.  I will be looking for minis, of course.  This town also boasts many quaint Victorian shops and houses.  I'll show you tomorrow night.

Until then...


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  1. Hello Pat,
    Whjat a view. I hope you enjoy your holiday! I love the shower components!
    Big hug,