Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Outdoor shower plans

Today was still cool and it continues to be windy.  The coolness is okay but the wind makes it difficult to do anything.  Like planting.  Although our front and side of our home is done.  Have to concentrate on the patio now.

I want to make an outdoor shower for the dragons.  So I am planning it myself.  I rummaged around my stash and found some things that I can use.  I put them here.  The pole is a chopstick.  The flat piece of wood is the base.  The spool will hold the "pole" and the bead will be at the top of the spool for looks and to hold the pole in place, too.

The white thing is plastic.  Those are the knobs for the different water flows.  And the top, which is from my body wash, is the faucet.  There are also 4 tiny blocks that will be part of the faucet.

I had to cut out a piece of cardboard to cover the spool which, when the paper is removed, has no solid top.  (Years ago they did.)  I used a coffee cup cover.
So between silver paint and dragon green, I'm painting the sections.  It isn't easy painting the plastic.  I might have to cover it with tissue paper first. 
If anyone has a hint on painting slippery plastic things, let me know.  I washed it and scrubbed it very well.
I'll finish it a few more parts tomorrow. 
Until then...


  1. cannot wait to see the end project, painting on plastic, my dad uses a primmer he g3ets from the hobby shop, he paints his railway people and says use this first, hope that helps, also if you go on to a site that sells trains and railway stuff they usually have something to help you paint on plastic

  2. That is what I would look for! There is a spray on primer for plastic models, but they aren't cheap and I only know of a grey or black one. Your idea of tissue paper may be much better value!