Thursday, May 9, 2013

More done

Worked today in 7th grade.  Love those kids.  Going to 8th grade next year.  It would be nice to just keep them all together as the group they are right now.  Tomorrow is 6th grade math/science.  It was nice to be working.

So this is the patio set I wanted to have cushions.  They are expensive to buy so I decided to make them.  Searched and searched for suitable fabric.  Size is always a problem  (Hint: I take a piece of 1 inch by 1 inch piece of cardboard with center cut out to view the pattern.)  I came across this piece with blue slashes.  I loved it immediately.  I decided I needed 4 back cushions and 4 seat cushions.  Of course, the 2 separate chairs are of a different size!

I made the seat base from cardboard.  I tried to use batting and even when pulled apart until it showed up webby, it was still too thick.  So I used a section from one of the workbench towels or whatever they are called.  Cut it long and folded it 3 times.  Perfect.

Then came the not-so-fun part.  You already know how I feel about glue.  Yuck.  But I did wrap the bottom of the pieces like a package and glued them up.  I think next time I will do it different and maybe even sew a pocket for them.

Here are three of the pieces, starting to look real.

Voila!  Here are the pillows on their respective chairs.  Rowena is quite pleased.  In fact, I am, too.  LOL

Hopefully I can get the curtains done for the bedroom and set everything in the bedroom.  I almost forgot that there are several spots on the bedframe that need restaining.  That will be done first.  Hope to show you the almost-finished bedroom tomorrow night.  One more thing remains to be done: the fireplace.
Until then....


  1. I really like the look of the bench and cushions together. It's so simple and so cute! Great choice of fabric!

  2. Hello Pat,
    That fabric is perfect. love the look and the pillows are very realistic.
    Big hug,