Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I'll try to be better

The operative word here is try.  I have been busy sewing and therefore, minis get pushed to the side.  I want to do a sewing project blog within this blog but don't know how to do it.  If anyone knows how, let me know.

I work the next 2 days so I wanted to get some mini things done.  One of the things I have been playing around with is a pack of paper umbrellas.  You know they are the type they put in tropical drinks.  They are inexpensive so I've been doing some experimenting.  I took the paper off one and tried to cover it with painted coffee filter, the same stuff I made the flowers from.  It was too heavy.  So I'll try again.

However, I tried painting one of them.  At first I tried yellow but it was much too opaque.  The flowers showed through.  I  then did it in red, both sides.  Isn't it amazing how you can still see the pattern?  I don't know if I'll do something else to it.  It closes, though, and I like that.  Maybe another coat?  Different color?  Hmm...

Rowena is getting quite snotty about having no linens on her bed.  I made this coverlet.  I love the print.  It was a bummer to sew because it ravels terribly.  But I love it.  I still have to tame the footboard corners.  They stick out too far. 

And then pillows were needed.  So I made a couple of them but didn't want them attached to the pillows permanently.  I made pockets and put the pillows in them.  They are so easy to do.  If anyone wants to know the trick, I can show you in a tut.

 I wanted a neck pillow for the bed.  This is a roller from something I saved. I took the same fabric but in a deep wine.  I will glue both sides down and add something on the ends.  I don't know what.

This is the first of the two main flower beds we put around our place.  I do the pointing and hubby does the planting.  Although I did dig 6 holes for 6 of the little plants.  We had rain so today they look so good.  I'll take a picture when they bloom.  We bought some plants for the front bed.  They will be planted tomorrow.
Other than that, not much is new.  I have a few projects I'm planning.  I want to finish the patio furniture pillows tomorrow.
Until then....


  1. Your bedding set looks so elegant! A garden is a garden so yours is wonderful ;)

    You can add a new page tab up at the top of your main page here for the sewing blog portion if you like,or on the side etc:

    Have a look at the top of my blog and you can see 3 tabs I add to from time to time.

    Add new page in dashboard ;)

  2. Hello Pat,
    I love the bedcover! What a gorgeous fabric and you sewed it p[erfectly. It looks very beautiful. I kind of like the umbrella effect.
    Big hug,