Thursday, May 16, 2013

Second day in Cape May, NJ

This was our second day here in Cape May.  Temp in the 80's but with a nice breeze.  Just beautiful.

See us in that boat?  No????

Well, then, what about on the jet skis?  Still no?  You might have to squint.

Well, would you believe that's us on surfboards??  This is a tough crowd. 

Oops, I forgot.  This is me.  Yep.  Sippin' a cup of joe, feet on the railing, sitting in a rocker on the lovely balcony.  I just got carried away a bit.  LOL


The real trip was great but not as adventurous as the top three pictures. The hotel in which we stayed has a buffet breakfast so we ate well.  Nice to eat just what you want. 

After breakfast, we walked around town and drove to the Wicker Shop and bought a few things.  They have marvelous little things that are 50% off what regular stores charge.  Alas, nothing today was found for Rowena or the faerie village.  :(

We ate lunch at a great place called The Ugly Mug and ate in their outdoor restaurant.  Lovely.  Pizza and a cold brew.  Life is good. 

Then we walked off lunch by walking around town, going in and out of the little shops.  There was also a sidewalk sale and although I didn't find anything in my size, there were lots of things for those who are a size 6!  LOL

Back to the room for a nap.  Certainly didn't have to go the gym this week!  Ate dinner at a place called The Pilot House, also a short walk from our hotel.  Then we walked a bit on the boardwalk. 

We go home tomorrow but it was a restful and well-needed getaway for both of us.  And my hubby loves Cape May. 

Of course, while here my mind is going in a hundred different directions about finishing the shower and my next project.  Joanne's Minis has an inexpensive and relatively easy push broom made from a toothbrush.  You only need a cutter, a small drill like a Dremel and glue like E6000.  It's cute, easy and cheap, especially if you can find one at one of the dollar stores!

So, we leave at 10 tomorrow, home by noon and maybe I can be productive in the afternoon.  Not promising anything. 

Until then...


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  1. Hello Pat,
    I am happy you had a good time. Have a safe trip hoime.
    Big hug,