Monday, May 20, 2013

Goodies I bought

Hi.  Couldn't write after we got home because we deviated from the original course and went to other places.  By the time we got home, it was way too late for me to write.  Anyway, the dollhouse show (and dolls. too, of course).

It is muggy and warmish here today.  I didn't work but we did go to the gym.  I hate to exercise.  LOL

Anyway, I bought lots of good things.  You won't believe the $$ I paid for them.  I got some great bargains.

 This chest is made real well, I do need house numbers and the clock is so cute.  Total:  75 cents.

Rowena will be getting a dresser set including a comb and what will be a mirror and a brush. 25 cents for all three.

I bought 4 sets of candlesticks.  Each pair was 50 cents.  Aren't they wonderful?  And so well made.  They are from about 15 years ago and still in their original package.

This hanger with the 5 utensils was 50 cents.  I think they look like copper. 

I bought the 4 milk bottles and metal basket because of nostalgia.  This is how our milk was delivered.  And the little shelf is adorable.  I don't know where I am going to put it.  I couldn't resist it.  Each was 25 cents.

This is a stone pitcher and it's heavy.  50 cents.  I just loved it. 

I found these quarter-scale pieces of brown plastic furniture!  Another lady was looking at them and pushed them aside because they were "too small."  She obviously didn't know about quarter-scale items.  I paid 50 cents for all of them.

The dresser here is shown above, but part of the items in the plastic bag were these 2 lamps. 

These were also in the QS bag. 

This is a major find.  A silver coffee service.  It is heavy and it's metal.  I paid 50 cents.

And last, but not least, these two metal chairs.  25 cents each.  Can you believe it?  Love them.

So these are my wonderful gifts.  I didn't spend a lot.  Almost all were in their original packages.  And they were made when things were made very well.  I plan to go online and see what the price of these items would be today.  
Dragon shower is almost finished, I think.  Maybe tomorrow night....
Until then...