Monday, May 13, 2013

Miniature Swaps

Still have Internet but hubby's doesn't work now.  (sigh)  Very windy today.  Kind of cold.  Supposed to be warmer as the week goes on.

I was recently in a miniature swap representing things that are used in spring and some plants.  I showed you some of the things I made for this swap.  Here are pix of what I received.

Isn't the little frog just adorable?  And two sizes of watering cans.  I love that shovel.

I don't have a birdhouse for Rowena yet but I do now.  Complete with bird seed!  And a wonderful wooden basket, a trowel and a garden flag.  I like it so much I plan to make more of them.

And then there are the flowers, two pots and a cactus.  The one flower is in a bead, just like I do to my flowers.  Love it.

Two more shovels, a hoe, a little garden fork -- great for the gardeners at Rowena's house.  A book about trees, a sun hat and a sign that reads, Welcome to My Garden.   There is also a brown stepping stone.

The signs are great, a wreath for the door and another floral book.

Here are 3 plants.  I love the purple one.  And isn't the tree cute?

So I have to thank the following:  Lisa Topping, Lou Ann Catlin, Daina Harrison, Maria Green, Kathleen in Colorado, Alicia Pozzo and Dee Gadway for these wonderful things.

Time for bed.  I worked 6th grade today.  Exhausting!  LOL  Talk to you tomorrow night.

Until then...



  1. Hello Pat,
    Those are just wonderful minis. They are all so well done. WEhat great items to have for an outdoor mini scene!
    Big hug,

  2. Wonderful swap gifts. Everything is beautiful. Congratulations.
    Hugs Maria