Sunday, May 12, 2013

Technology is not always nice

So I promised good stuff for you.  But the Internet went down right after I posted.  After much aggravation and annoyance, I figured out the router was no longer connected to the computer, much less the Internet.

I went to the CD and it said that when all else fails, remove cords from the router and uninstall the program for the router.  Take steps like it was new.  This morning I finally had the time to do it.  It works.

Of course, now the added computer that is hubby's doesn't react to the router.  So I have to go work on that.

And since it's Mother's Day, I spent most of the day with the four grandchildren. Here's a photo:

There's Hunter, 17, Dylan 15 who are the sons of my stepdaughter.  And the girls are Sydney, 10, and Kate, 9, who are the daughters of my stepson.  And of course, me.  

To all Moms out there:  Hope your day was great.  Talk to you tomorrow.

Until then,


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  1. Hello Pat,
    I am happy you had a lovely mothers day and that your technology problems are over. Have a wonderful evening.
    Big hug,