Thursday, July 18, 2013

And the rest of the goodies

Another hot day.  Only went out for a little while.  We are going to have this heat for another 72 hours.  Then rain will bring coolness, they say.

So here are the last little things.  Hubby bought a new Dremel today.  Electric.  We have a small one that is battery powered.  Have to charge them all the time.  And one of the batteries just died.  We had 2. 


Here are 3 cute skillets.  I think I may clean them up a bit.  But they do look "used."

Two bundt pans!  Can you believe it?  They are a copper color.  They will make good cake shapes with clay!

And a personal favorite, more wine.  I love these because they look so real.

Until tomorrow...


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