Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Second kitchen swap printie

Another hot and humid day.  Honestly, it is getting old.  When school was finished and I was anticipating a long nice summer, it was one in which I could have my coffee at the patio table every morning.  Ha!  I have to put the AC on by 8 a.m.  So I'm usually in all day.

I am doing another printie and will be doing at least 5 or 6 different ones for the kitchen pantry.  This is for Early Times Pancake Mix.  The box is quite small but it might be good to think of it as a one-time mix.  According to the box, it should be 1 cup of mix and yield five 6-in pancakes. 

Here's the printie piece.  It did come with tabs already.  Yay!

I had to glue it in sections, so I did it like an assembly line. And here is the finished box.  It's so cute.

Tomorrow morning is the gym. Ugh. How I hate to work out.  Am I the only one???

Talk to you tomorrow night.

Until then....


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