Sunday, July 21, 2013

Things for sewing room

Still hot here.  Did have a thunderstorm (we did keep our electricity!) and quite a bit of rain.  Didn't cool it down, though.  Still humid.  So I'm still in the house.  Glad I'm not teaching yet because the majority of the classrooms have no AC.  But it's good in here.  LOL

I began to make things for the sewing room.  I tried first to do bolts of fabric.  They turned out lovely.

First, I cut a piece of cardboard for the insert, just like at the fabric shop.

Then I cut strips of fabric and ironed the edges.  I lightly glued the fabric onto the cardboard edge.  Then I folded it up.

The edge of the fabric strip is the last to be folded.  Then I glued the folded end down.  And then they become fabric bolts! 

Believe it or not, it took me awhile since I had to do several for gifts. 

I'm still thinking of things to use for sewing needles.  Any ideas???

Until tomorrow night...



  1. Very neat and nice Pat! For needles I think I would just cut down some pins?