Monday, July 15, 2013

First group of bargains

It is another 100 degree day.  I hope everyone who is experiencing this has A/C. 

On Sunday, we went to a doll show and they often have miniatures.  The majority of these items were 25 cents apiece.  Some were 5 for $1.00.  Had a blast.  Since I participate in a few mini swaps during the year, I like to accumulate little things.

So I'm giving you a look at the first group:

This bottle actually says Blue Nun wine.  25 cents.  Saw one at another table for $1.25.

A  besom broom for Halloween.  I have plans for this one and I'll show you as I get to it!

This is another dresser set of mirror, brush and comb.  I have seen these blinged up and plan to do the same.  Looking to put in a "mirror," too.

These candlesticks are just beautiful and also have quite a bit of weight to them.  There were 4 candles with them.  The entire group was 25 cents.

Two copper pots. Although I don't need pots for Rowena's house, they will be useful in a future project.  And how can you pass up a 25-cent bargain?

Blue splatterwear with lids!  25 cents.  They will be put away, too.

See the second group tomorrow!

Until then...


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  1. Hello Pam,
    You really found some wonderful items and incredible bargains.
    Big hug,