Thursday, July 25, 2013

Back with different things

Yay!  Finally have Comcast back and water, too!  Woo hoo!  They are installing Verizon throughout the area in which we live.  Yesterday they broke a water main.  No water for hours.  There was no water when we went to bed.  Thank goodness we had it this morning.

However, we did lose Comcast for 2 days.  And when Comcast goes, so goest the phone and Internet and t.v.  It was not back this morning.  But we had to go out early and when we got home, the Comcast was back!  So I can do the blog.

Yesterday I had our two granddaughters over.  They are still working on their shops.  Kate did a few things for her boutique.  She wanted a counter to showoff the purses and shoes she will be making.  She took an empty toilet roll, painted it yellow and decorated it with flowers.  She then took a yellow butter lid, cut off the edge and glued it to the top of the roll.  Voila!  Round counter.

Sydney made shelves for her bread and rolls.  We made the shelving unit from a spaghetti box.  She painted the 3 inside and 3 outside spaces.  And used the front piece for the shelves, cutting them and gluing them in.  They are a bit off, since the glue was wet and it moved.  She will not be happy.  Oops.

Then they worked with clay.  They love, love, love clay.  And used the pasta maker.  And all of the tools at least once.

When they were done, Syd had two cakes.  The one on the left is a yellow cake with braided icing.  The second isn't finished (girls had to go home!) but it's a red velvet cake with white and green icing.  She is going to cut a piece or two from them to put on a place.  I think they came out so nice.  She's 10.  She cooks and bakes at home, too.  (Made chicken cutlets the night before for her family.)

Kate didn't want to be left out so she decided to make headbands for her shop.  You can see where she started and then because more complicated as she went on.  They will probably hang from a hook so they can be seen by "customers."

I didn't get to do anything.  Keeping them busy and teaching them the correct way to use the tools took my time.  Especially with the cutters. 

So, that was my day.  I slept well last night.  LOL

See you tonight as long as we have cable!

Until then...


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