Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Second group of goodies

Another hot day.  Calling this a heat wave.  A scorching wave it is. 

I promised to show you some more of my bargains.  And here they are:

Marguerite, who owns the site, insisted on giving a dog bone for the house.  No dog yet.  I am looking for a Russian wolfhound standing, not laying down.  If anyone sees one for less than $25, let me know.  There is one that is $200.  I can't afford that one.  I don't even have a real dog!

This is a dust pan.  I may (or not) put a small handle on it so Rowena's housekeeper doesn't have to bend down to use it. 

These eggs are glued in so unfortunately, all of Rowena's eggs are in one basket.  Okay.  Sorry.  Couldn't resist that one.  But it's so darned cute.

These are two pieces of lace-trimmed fabric.  I think they might be curtains but I haven't taken the tie off yet.  When I get ready, I will do that.  They will probably end up in the sewing room.

I love these steins.  25 cents for 4.  And they are metal and quite  heavy.  Rowena likes to chug a beer once in awhile and these are perfect for entertaining!

So, that's my latest.

And there's more....

Until tomorrow...


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