Friday, July 12, 2013


Hi there.  Sat outside this morning with my sewing.  Although it was overcast, it was the first day that the sun didn't bake you once you went outside.  Hubby cut the grass and I sewed snaps on doll clothes.  I like sewing snaps as much as I like watching glue dry.  Really.  That much.

Sunday is a doll show and I'm hoping to score more 25-cent items.  Sure would help when I do swaps. 

I bought and received a pair of shoes for one of my guys.  Fit will be great after socks are added.  They were only $8 with shipping and handling.  Getting another pair real soon. They were only $4 but only come in a light purple. My guys can handle purple. I'll wait and match the purple to make him a shirt that matches. I'll take a pic when they arrive.  If I don't like them, I can use dark chalk to change the color.

So here's another Barilla box.  Spaghetti this time.  I think the face on the front with spaghetti as whiskers is a hoot.  But the putting together of this printie also needs the little tabs removed. They aren't needed.  These boxes were relatively easy.

So this is my task for today.  As I'm hoping to finish the kitchen pantry swap by early next week, I'm already thinking of the sewing room swap items. 
So until then...

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  1. Hello Pat,
    Your pasta boxes are always great and well made.
    Enjoy the day.
    Big hug,