Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Okay, I'm back...thanks for waiting

Hi there.  Well, I am back.  Hopefully for good. 

It is so hot here it's melting weather.  I am melting in this weather.  So mostly I just stay in.

I am still in the process of cataloguing my dolls.  What a job it turned out to be.  Each of the dolls have a specific name and for insurance purposes, it would be nice to have their names.  So I am doing research.  Some I bought from a private seller and not the original doll company.  But it will be done and done right.  I hope.  LOL

I am in three different swaps (9 people in each swap) for the summer months and into September.  The first is to make items to fill a kitchen pantry, the second is for sewing room items and the third is for Halloween.  I did a lot of printables yesterday. Had to wait for replacement toners.   They get more expensive by the year.

Anyway, the first one I'm doing is a tea canister.  I'm hoping to make teabags for it.  We'll see how my patience wears. 

Here is the pattern for the tea canister.  The ends are fiddly and I use white glue for the ends. 

On the first one, I cut it as it is shown.  Then I got smart.  I left a small white tabs on the end.  It was a bit easier.  When finished, I'll spray them with poly spray so they hold their shape and they'll have a slight shine.  This is one that I put the tabs on.

Here's the folded up canister.  Isn't it cute?

So tomorrow I have something else to cut and fold.  I think if I do them daily, they won't be so onerous.  I don't know if I will do one area at a time or not.

Also, going to a doll and mini show on Sunday.  Hope to get some things there.  25 cents or 50 cents apiece.

Must run.  Time to settle down.  See you tomorrow.

Until then...


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  1. Hi Pat,
    The tea canister is well under way and looking good. I hope the weather cools off a bit.
    Big hug,