Thursday, March 7, 2013

Couch and Sink

We lucked out on the snow today but it may be nasty tomorrow morning.  I work.  But hubby is driving so that's okay. 

Today I finished the Easter dress for my doll.  I'll show you a photo of it.  It is pretty close to the much-loved dress my mom made me when I was 8.  I had the same type of headpiece and the pocketbook.  I felt grown-up with a pocketbook.  Of course, at that time, all women wore something on their head when they went to church.  Mom loved it because we all had to wear hats. The dress I had as a youngster also had white gloves.  I didn't do white gloves.

Then I decided to put the couch together.  It looks cute as it is and I might just leave it.  I was going to gussy it up a bit.  It is really sturdy with a coat of paint on both sides of the mat board. 

Seems that the mat board worked well on the couch.  Probably because there is very little creasing and folding.  I must say it is not easy to cut.  I will make more of them, though, now that I see they are good. 

I plan on creating some patterns for other couches though and I'll share them when I do make them.

Next came the farm sink.  I didn't like the light mat board so I painted the cabinet a yellow beige.  I tried to make it look like wood.  Instead it looks like the first coat of paint.  LOL  So I'll do another coat tomorrow or Saturday.  I still have to do trim and "cabinets" and "drawers" and I think that'll be even nicer.

I decided that I wanted this sink to have a granite countertop.  So I rummaged through my things and lo and behold! I found exactly what I wanted.  A folder from a paint section of a store that had sandstone paint chips. (We used one of the colors for one wall in my craft room.)   I've use paint chips before in my dollhouse.  Great way to get nice countertops without spending lots of money.

This is the folder for the sandstone paint chips.  When you open it up, it has four sections of colors.  A real payday for your granite needs!  Easy to cut.  The back remains glued on and gives added weight.  Just cut and glue.

This is how they look on the folder.  The size of each chip is 2.25 in. by 1.75 in.  This particular folder has 32 colors!

So take a look at the paint chips in your local store that sells paints.  Then get some paint chips for a few projects.  I will be using some of the paint chips when I finally do my beach house. 

Enjoy Friday -- talk to you tomorrow night.

Until then...


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