Thursday, March 21, 2013

Don't give up!

Hi.  Haven't been blogging for several reasons.  One is I haven't been feeling well but I am working 5 days this week.  It's tough to create when one is feeling poorly. I have no school next week so I plan on doing projects.

Second, Google has been giving me trouble again.  I thought I posted the other day and it stayed as a draft and I couldn't get it in final form.  (sigh)

Also, Google blog is changing and I have to change blog spots soon.  Don't know what it all means but if anyone can email me with the how-to of it, I would be most grateful.

I actually had hubby take off a portion of roof on one of my buildings.  Allows me to see inside better.  In looking at the dragon house and magic shop, they might need a portion removed, too.  No sense having a ceiling if one can't hang things from it.

So don't give up!  I'll be back.  Hopefully Saturday before we go to babysit the girls.

Until then...


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