Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Garden gloves

Good morning.  It should have been good evening but I wasn't feeling well and went to bed very early.  The weather was just beautiful yesterday so I'm hoping for another great day today.  Went to the gym and then out for a quick healthful lunch. 

Yesterday I worked on gardening gloves.  Oh my goodness.  They are quite cute at 1:12 scale.   They are from a printie that I got online from Joann's Minis.  There are a few on each page. 

The first thing is to color them.  I made 7 pair altogether, each in a different color, although only 4 pair are shown here.  I used colored pencils and then a paper towel to smudge the color a bit. I colored before I cut them out.  Seems simple but I know it's the first step.  (Don't ask me how I know.)  As per the instructions, I needed sharp scissors, glue and toothpicks. 

After coloring, I cut each glove out, leaving the finger section intact.  The gloves have two sides make a full pair. 

Taking a toothpick, I gently put glue around 3 sides, being careful not to get any of the center or in the opening.  Then I put them wrong sides together but placed one of the toothpicks in the middle. It just has to be into the palm area.  This allows it to have some dimension. 

When dry, I then make my cuts for the fingers, removing the tiny pieces of paper between each.  That's it.  They are so cute, I think.

Then I worked on two beds.  They were not very sturdy so I put side rails on using medium cardstock. 

Then I cut out 2 pieces of foam board for the mattress. They fit in the bed and any size distortion is immediately gone.  Love that.  

Time to dress the beds.  Wait until you see what I'll be using. 
I plan on doing several things today since I'll be home all day.
Until then...

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