Thursday, March 14, 2013


Camera battery was dead last night and there was not enough time to charge it.  So no blog then.

It is brrrr cold today.  I didn't teach today so we went to the gym this morning. 

I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do today.  So I decided to work on my couches. 

I put the front pieces on the two couches.  They came out wonderful. 

Then I put the cushions on the blue couch.  It was so cute.  They will all get pillows.

Since the two couches I made earlier came out nice, I decided to cut out 8 more.  In different colors and patterns.  I have more solid fabrics than tiny prints for this scale that I switched.  Patterned couches and solid cushions.

I also want to put feet on the couches.

And they will all have pillows.

So if I don't work tomorrow, I hope to finish these couches.  Although they aren't difficult, they are fussy and messy with glue. 

See you tomorrow.

Until then...


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