Saturday, March 2, 2013


Still cold here but weathermen say warmer at the end of the week.  Spring -- I can hear it coming. 

Didn't do a lot of tough things today but I did work with printies.  I love printies.  Forgive the pictures as they do their own thing.

I made a bunch of printies, not knowing where I will use them.  But I do make shadowboxes and roomboxes for family and friends.  That's where they come in handy.

Grandfather clock
For those who have never used them, they work better if they are printed on heavier paper with good printing so it's clear.  Then, use a straight tool to make an impression in the tabs and fold lines.  It takes a little time to fit everything together.  Sometimes it's easy but most times, if you put one side together, the other pops out.  Ha!

I use white PVA glue.  Sometimes it helps to use an elastic band to hold the item together.  I did this with the grandfather clock.  I plan to do a few things to these items to make them more dimensional.  Then I will store them in a spot in which I keep for printies.

They are also a great way to fill dollhouse shelves.  I have them for laundry detergent, kitchen foods and even things like a pizza box and a donut box.

Printies are all over the internet but if you need a few sites, let me know.  Most people are happy to share them as long as they are not sold.

So, here they are.  Enjoy them.  This was my Saturday with Printies.  Talk to you tomorrow!

Cream and black trunk

Chest of Drawers
Until the...


Stove with oven

Bound books
White oak dresser and chest of drawers

Wooden trunk

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  1. It looks like a productive saterday. The grandfather clock is my favorite. Wishing you a great day. gr. AM