Friday, March 1, 2013

Pots, headboard and skirt

Breezy again today.  But we noticed one thing the last few days.  At 6 p.m., it is still light.  Means spring is on its way.  Love it.  Speaking of spring, do you plant anything special?

Didn't work today, although I was ready.  So had to go to the gym.  Except I think I zigged instead of zagging.  I have a tiny stitch in my right side.  Ibuprofen should help that.

Went to the Outback for our anniversary dinner.  Had a gift card from son and DIL.  Yum.  Of course, I didn't finish my steak so we'll slice it and have it for Sunday lunch.  Served with a thin slice of toast and a small salad.  Good stuff.

Today, the little things I worked on today have no rhyme or reason.  They just are. 

The first thing are these little clay pots.  Except they are not clay. They are beads with adobe color paint.  I hope to put ferns in them.  These will be for the beach house.  I have one coat of paint and they only need a coat of poly to make them shiny.

Then I decided to make another fairy bed.  I got the headboard done.  Glue drying.  My favorite thing.  Nothing can be done until the glue dries each section. I'll do the footboard and sides tomorrow.  It might get slats with a mattress or maybe I'll put string on it, as in a rope bed.

And of course, I put another little skirt together.  It still needs snaps so that will be a task for tomorrow.  It is for an 11.5 inch doll, such as Barbie or equivalent. 

I also have to finish the Easter outfit for one of my dolls.  And design a gown for another challenge.  Lots of work waiting for me.  I think I need to make a list.

I read something on a blog today.  Instead of working on one thing exclusively, I'm going to just do a bunch of things.  At least until my brain gets a little more settled.  The stroke left a few little glitches  in my brain.  So until I heal completely, I'll flit from project to project.  It'll keep my readers on their toes!  LOL

Until tomorrow...


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  1. I also noticed spring is on his way when i took a little look in my garden yesteday. Can't wait for it! I am so done with Winter! Love the clay "bead" potts. Wishing you a great weekend! Hug AM