Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Finished 2 beds

Started out beautiful today but went downhill quite fast.  There was a prediction of beautiful weather for Easter but now it's going to be ugly weather.  After church service, we plan on eating brunch at the house of hubby's daughter.  Hopefully, the two grandsons won't have to work and we can all visit together.

I spent the morning sewing for my doll's outfit.  I finished the darts on the skirt and lining.  I also did the darts on the jacket.  I want to see if I can put it together Friday.

I finished the two beds.  I used the items suggested by the quarter-scale book.  And what did I use?  Tissue paper!  Yes.  First I scrunched the paper and glued it down on the mattress top and bottom.  That was the "fitted sheet."  Then I cut the top coverlet and folded it down.  Everything is then glued down.  The pillow was the most difficult.  Using a small piece of tissue folded in half, I put a few dabs of glue around the ends of one side.  I then put a tiny tiny piece of cotton in the center.  Then I closed it up and pushed down on the edges. 

This was a messy project but I think it turned out well.  It took several hours to complete the entire process, though, because there was drying time. And folding tissue.  And crunching it.  But it was fun.

While looking at Pinterest, I came across something extremely interesting.  I was thinking of doing gates for the village.  But I didn't know how I was going to do it without making myself crazy.  This project is so cool.  I plan to try it and will let you see it as I do it.  And, of course, I will introduce you to the brilliant crafter who did it first.  And she didn't expect it to be in mini size.  LOL

Tomorrow I want to work on finishing the ground for the village.  I bought some more green mat board so I can finish the yards.   I have two more sections to finish.

Until then...



  1. Hello Pat,
    Wonderfulw ork. i would never of thought of using tissue paper, but the effect is beautiful. Very well done.
    Big hug,

  2. Very pretty beds, lovely colors!