Sunday, March 3, 2013

Trees part 2

Cold and blustery again today.  But there's no rain or snow.  We're supposed to have temps in the 40s this week.  Stop the wind and it will be beautiful.

I'm trying to find a job for tomorrow but the well seems to be dry.  Maybe I'll get a call in the a.m. if nothing comes up tonight.

I worked a bit on the tree trunk sections today. Added limbs with greenery.  Painted the limbs white but left some brown showing.  The top of the tree will have greenery.  I have an idea for this but want to try it first.

The lower part of the tree needs to have a base.  I want to make a base of grass, greenery, moss and other plant material.  I am using egg carton cardboard.  Tore it in pieces and glued it together because I don't want it smooth.  Then I will fit the base around the tree and add the plant material.  I think it will work real well.

I am now working on sinks for the houses.  I found my quarter-scale book (which I stored in a special place but it was before my stroke -- and I just couldn't remember where I put it).  I am going to make at least one farm sink.  If it works well, I'll do others pretty much the same.  Most of these pieces are quite easy if the scoring is done well. 

I have a lot of work to do on the faerie village so I think a list of what is needed might be a good idea.  I get involved in a project and lose hours.  Am I alone in this?

I also want to finish my doll's Easter dress, which has to be done by Thursday.  We were going to the flower show, which is in Philly.  Went last year -- the theme was Paris.  It was magnificent.  This year is England -- Brilliance! but I don't think I could walk that much.  There's limited seating in this place.  And there are always people who take the available seats and take root.  Notice that?  Next year.

So I have pix of the bottom trunk section that will get the base.  You can see the egg carton pieces.  I also have a picture of the sink cabinet I'll make tomorrow.  I will have to make smaller sinks for the tiny houses.

Until then...


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