Friday, March 15, 2013

Couches and pillows

Cold and windy again.  It was in the 40s but with the wind, it felt much colder.  Tomorrow we are expecting 40s again but with rain and a snowy mix.  Spring has to be close.

I didn't work today so I decided to work on the couches.  And pillows.

These are the 5 finished couches.  Each with their own set of pillows.  I didn't want to use fabric because the pillows had to be small and no one will really see them separately from the house.  But they did need pillows.  So I used patterned paper.  I thought they came out cute.  They will be glued on lightly.  I have no desire to hunt for a teeny tiny pillow.  LOL

Here are three more couches unpillowed.  I got bored.  And I ran out of paper I liked.  I have to hunt for more tomorrow.   None of these couches will have legs but sit on the floor like a regular sofa.

My next group of items will be beds.  Then tables.  And a few pieces of furniture for the rooms. 
There are some other things I want to do, too.  I'll see how much energy I have.  I have been looking for grass for the village ground cover.  Still looking.  Most of the online stuff is more expensive than I would like.  This is, after all, a village.  Not my dollhouse. 
So I'll talk to you tomorrow night.
Until then...

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