Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sewing today

Nice weather today.  No sun.  No wind.  But nice nonetheless.  Had lunch with a dear friend of mine.  That was a great part of the day.

Looking for a subbing job tonight but nothing seems to be out there.  If no one calls tomorrow, it will be gym time.

Our anniversary is Saturday but we're going to celebrate it tomorrow night on date night.  Can't wait.  Going to Red Lobster.  Their cheesy biscuits are to die for -- I could sit with them and raspberry iced tea and have a meal!  LOL

Today I did some sewing on finished items.  More snaps, which drive me crazy.  I need to finish these so I can put them in my store.

Did you vote yet?  Unfortunately, Jazzi isn't in the top two.  Otterine, who made the fabulous squadron bar is up for the award.  She is in competition with Casey's Minis.  In fact, at any given time, they are only 1% apart!  Casey has won several years in a row.  So please go to and vote!

Did you ever try to make flowers?  I have two sites for you to view.  There is a tutorial for gladiolas on  There is also a tutorial for peonies on  Take a look.  Anything strike your fancy?  I think when I get all better I want to take a few days and make nothing but flowers! 

I'll be doing minis tomorrow -- and sewing -- if I don't have to work. 

Until then...


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