Thursday, January 17, 2013

2nd part of cabinet - shelf

Good evening!  I'm beginning to recuperate but slowly.  I didn't realize that typing would be so difficult.  The two little fingers on the left hand refuse to obey.  But they will!  I also got a full-night's sleep.  And I'm so comfortable in my own home.

Watching Project Runway now.  The only thing I do watch.

So I began the second part of my cabinet.  Putting in the shelf. I noticed the glue did warp a bit so I put on the clothespins. I then put it back into the glue jig. (and I didn't show that here)

I hope to do a few more things to this cabinet.  It will require cutting so hubby will be close. 

(I can hear my therapists groaning now!)

I need at least several hours of the day for my shower (which is a feat in itself!),  my home therapy (which takes a good hour or more because I have to rest a lot - especially when  they involve closing my eyes or walking on my toes) and my walking therapy, which includes walking down and up stairs.  But I will be back!

I'm busy sketching the faerie village, now that I have the bones up and the starter schematic.  It should be started by the end of the weekend.

Tomorrow is another day -- and I'll be ready for it.

Until then...


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  1. Pat, so sorry to hear about your stroke, but I admire your spirit and know you won't give in to it. Do take it easy and concentrate on the therapy and exercises. It makes a lot of difference!

    I hope the minis will help you recover faster! I always look forward to reading your posts and typing is probably also good therapy!

    Hugs, Idske