Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New kit arrives

Not too cold out.  Today was a busy day.  Slept late.  Then we went to Bill's firehouse where some of the firemen were serving a breakfast for the firemen.  Yum. 

Then it was off to Joanne's where I was able to get the three huge packs of fir trees that are usually $20 for only $5.40 each.  There are several different sizes.  They will go well in the landscapes of Rowena's house, the new house when it is put together and the village. 

We drove down to one of the towns that had been hit by Sandy.  It's still a mess and there are some wonderful little stores that were just so damaged.  We hope they can fix it and reopen by the summer.

I go back to work tomorrow and will be there these 3 days and definitely next week.  Then it is up in the air because the teacher has to get her doc's permission to come back.

So I decided that after dinner, I was going to tackle the new kit of shelves and cabinets (1:12 scale).  Oh my goodness, what an ordeal.  The actual pieces are not actually marked but are part of wood "holders" and are attached to them.  However, this kit is so old (although not as old as me -- grin) that some of the pieces have come away from their holders.  There are little numbers on the holders but trying to fit them back in to figure out where they came from is a bit difficult.

My plan is to find the pieces and create piles.  Each pile will be an item and it will have all of it's pieces.  The shelves are for Rowena's library.  I will keep the counters because I hope to make a roombox with a store in it.  Another project.

I won't actually put these items together until after I work on the village and do work in Rowena's house.  I just love having projects set up, though, and ready to go!

Time to settle down for bed. 

Until then....



  1. Oh that's so interesting to hear, I was looking at purchasing one of those particular sets myself and was wondering what they would be like! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on it for us, I might rethink that idea now ;)
    So sad about all the poor businesses and homes that suffered from Sandy, hopefully they will be back on thier feet again soon!
    Hugs, Mins xx

  2. I bought the same kit a few years ago and I ran into the same "ordeal" with none of the parts marked. I was able to make it work in the bar of my Irish pub. Good Luck!