Friday, January 4, 2013

Up with pix and new item

Cold today.  Notice that the evenings are staying lighter longer.  Nice.  Tonight was date night so we went to the Olive Garden because someone gave us a gift card for Christmas.  I love gift cards.  But that's another story.

I know that I will be in the Kindergarten class through Jan. 18 because I am on the formal schedule.  That's nice.  Good to know where I'm going for the next two weeks.

So I think I have the pix problem figured out.  One of my wonderful readers wrote and said that when she and other bloggers had trouble with pix, it was because their pix limit was reached.  Funny, because I know bloggers who have been doing pix and all that for several years.  But for some reason, Google stopped mine from coming from my files.

I now put everything on Picasa and upload from there.  Seems to be easier.  The pix above are for last night.  The ones on the right are exciting to me because I can use the pieces of wood.  Does anyone ever keep wood scraps?

After dinner, we went to Michaels.  I haven't been lucky there lately but went to the floral section.  I found this wonderful moss.  50 percent off of $6.  There's several different colors as you can see. Some of it looks like mushrooms.  I will be getting more over the next few weeks.  This will be for the tree bottoms and any rocks within the village landscaping.

I also bought round colorful ornaments for Rowena's tree.  50% off.  Nice.  I can do that.

Time for dessert.  Vanilla pudding.  Cooked.  With whipped cream.  Divine.  No picture.  Sorry.  LOL

Tomorrow's a busy day.  I'll talk to you later.

Until then....



  1. Yay!! We have a dollhouse kit that Scott's parents got about half-done. I worked on it for awhile, but it's been sitting for a long time - after Mary Margaret's birthday party I'm going to get it back out and finish it!!

  2. You're not the only one with problems uploading photos. I can't either and I've seen comments on a few other blogs. Thanks for the Picasa tip. I'll try that next!

    Love a photo or 2 of your village. It's hard to imagine what it looks like now!